Top 4 Nail Trends of 2017

Nothing heightens your look like a fresh set of nails. In 2017, it’s all about BOLD experimentation. All rules are off, and we’re seeing some crazy-cool trends! Which one is your favorite?

1. Metallic Nails

If your metallic nails aren’t blinding you, you’re not doing it right! Silver, gold, bronze, rose-gold, holographic, no matter the color, the shinier the better! Rose-gold and pink metallic hues look especially great contrasted with tan or darker skin tones. Holographic nails? These are like metallics on steroids, and are for sure one of 2017’s coolest trends. This oil-spill effect is sure to mesmerize.

Silver metallic nails (pic credit:

Pink/rose-gold metallic nails (pic credit:

Holographic nails (pic credit:

2. 80’s Nails

If you haven’t noticed already, 2017 is starting to feel a lot like the 80’s. From fashion to hair, 80’s styles are making a comeback – nails included! Colorful lines, dots, and triangles are the definition of retro cool.

Pic credit:

Pic credit:

Pic credit:

3. Geometric Art Nails

This year, it’s all about the lines! Nail artists are using lines to create geometric shapes and block colors. You can take this trend to the next level by adding metallic lines and mixing gloss with matte paint. Pairing layered rings with geo-nails gives you that coveted boho beautiful look.

Pic credit: nail_unistella IG

Pic credit: manicure.d IG

Pic credit: ashleesarajones IG

4. French manicure with a twist

The French manicure is classic, but this year it’s getting a makeover! The traditional white tip of a French mani is now being replaced by multiple colors, such as bold reds, blacks, and the newly-popular metallics. The “reverse French mani” is another fun take on the classic. The reverse version puts the tip line on the bottom of the nail, near the cuticle. People are also adding rhinestones and nail art to complement this more modern French mani.

Pic credit:

Reverse French Manicure (pic credit:

Pic credit:

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