Discover Artist #3: Celebrity Hair Salon FDP

In our series of Discover Artist, get to know different professionals and their stories.

The Story

Started at the age of 17, Angeline, the Creative Director of FDP Hair Salon has been in the hairdressing industry for more than 14 years now. Having a strong interest in Fashion Design x The Arts and heavily influenced by her family, she knew from the beginning that this is the industry she wanted to be in. Angeline’s mother teaches anything beauty related and her brother started working in a hair salon in London when he was in college. To what only seems like an easy job to make cash, slowly turned into a passion and a professional career. With the creation of FDP Hair Salon, Angeline is currently pursuing her dream.

Get to know Angeline

Salon: FDP Hair Salon

Hairstylist: Angeline

Years in Hairdressing Industry: 14 years and counting

Countries lived: UK, Taiwan, Germany, Shanghai, Singapore

Good at… 

  • Wash and wear haircuts that are easy to manage yet fashion forward
  • Giving clients the latest hair care treatment
  • Hair colouring

Q&A with FDP Hair Salon- Angeline

What can one expect when visiting FDP?

When coming to FDP, you can expect not just the service itself but also a whole new level of experience. We’ve always been driven to making the place very cozy. In fact, the place is actually designed by my brother.

Tell us one of FDP’s many strength

My style has always been very Hollywood driven and we were awarded one of the best Balayage Hair Coloring places in Singapore by Harpers Bazaar 2016. Very happy to be one of the pioneers of this new hair trend.

Main differences between Asian and Caucasian Hair?

One of the biggest differences would be the texture of the hair. Usually, when Caucasian are in Singapore, they experience and start to hate the humidity in the weather. Their hair gets very frizzy. Whereas Asians do not really face the same problem. However, when it comes to haircuts, Asians do not have facial features that are as strong as Caucasians, which makes the haircuts and styles very different.

3 Hair tips that you swear by? 

  • Never ever do any DIY (including box dye)- even if it looks easy.
  • Don’t flood your bathroom with too many different types of hair products, always go to a professional to get it ex first.
  • Never cheapen yourself on hair services- if it’s too cheap, it’s for a reason.

“Invest in yourself, you can afford it. Trust me”

FDP is a family heritage of more than 40 years being in the trade of Beauty & Hair in Education and Service and is now branded as a European-inspired Boutique Salon targeting both local and expats who are looking for preciséd techniques, skills & quality. Get your celebrity hair cut with FDP now! Women’s Haircut by Angeline (Creative Director) at $130 only!

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