Discover Artist #4- The fun brothers at Immagine Italiana HairStylist

In our series of Discover Artist, get to know different professionals and their stories.

The Story

Salvator and Enzo are the owners and the hairstylist of Immagine Italiana, a hair salon located in the heart of Bugis. The brothers and business partners came from Italy and with one shop already opened in Sicily. Their first interest in hairdressing sparked due to the influence of their uncle and now they have been working in the industry for more than 15 years now. With a boutique salon, the fun brothers empathize on unique and personal experiences as they welcome every customer with their friendly Italian warmth.

Get to know Enzo and Salvator

Salon: Immagine Italiana HairStylist

Hairstylist: Salvator and Enzo

Years in Hairdressing Industry: 15 years and counting

Countries lived: Sicily, Rome, Barcelona, Milan, Singapore

Good at: Treatment and Coloring, Consultation

Q&A with Immagine Italiana- Salvator

Why start a shop in Singapore? 

Many people told us that Singapore would be a good market as there isn’t a lot of European Stylist. With so many expats around, it would be perfect to bring our Italian style in! Over the long weekends, we can also easily close the shop for a few days and travel around Asia. We love the traveling experiences and to dive deep into the Asian culture. So we came to Singapore and decided to “just go!” and launched.

What is the secret to making it work in Singapore? 

In Singapore, our customers do care for not just the haircut, but also the service. We serve Italian coffee and treat our customers like friends. We also only use L’Oreal products because we believe in their quality. I’ve worked for L’Oreal for 4 years before, specializing in consultation and I know that the quality of their products are guaranteed.

How is it like working together with your brother? 

We work well together. I’m more of a businessman, I know how to manage the salon while Enzo is in it for his passion. I build the relationship with our customers, does the consultation for what they want and what we think is good for them. Enzo cuts their hair and achieves the perfect look. In the future, we want to serve not just the Singapore Community, but even tourist and share our traveling experiences!

What is your favorite part of the job?

I like giving people advice and talk to them about their needs. The best part of the job is to speak with customers and talk about what is a good cut suitable for them, consulting them on their problems and helping them solve it!

“We don’t do a lot of advertising, so how we grow is from word of mouth, which shows that they like what we do.”

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