Chantalle Ng 黄暄婷 – Co Founder of Yuan Collagen Soup


Kick starting Vaniday‘s first interview for Vaniday’s inspirational quotes by beauty and wellness leaders, we are delighted to have Chantalle Ng with us.

At a young age of 25, Chantalle Ng is an all-round achiever. She is an actress and has been involved in several Channel 8 blockbuster productions such as All Around You (回路网) and While We Are Young (Z时代). Her stellar performance in Z时代 also helped her clinched the Star Awards Best Newcomer when she was only 21. While juggling with her hectic acting schedule, she also managed to complete a diploma and a degree from SMU. Instead of viewing the COVID-19 pandemic as a crisis, Chantelle saw this as an opportunity. With superb speed, she co founded a new business and launched it on her birthday this year — Yuan Collagen, which serves healthy soups that also rejuvenate skin.

“When the customers give their thumbs up and say that the soup is really good, all of our hard work becomes worth it”

As a rising starlet, her typical day is a full day of filming. However, during the Circuit Breaker, all filming stopped. With that, she had time to think about her business and eventually launched it. Don’t be surprised if you order from her and the deliveryman is none other than Chantelle herself (with the occasional appearance of her mum, Lin Meijiao)! She tries to deliver Yuan Collagen orders personally whenever time permits. She enjoys meeting customers and thanking them for their support.

Chantalle Ng with her mum, Lim Meijiao, who is also an actress and a very supportive mum.

Chantelle relishes the gatherings with family and friends over hotpot. Having grown up with this dish, she has always wanted to prepare a bowl of hot nutritious soup without MSG or artificial flavouring for the people close to her. However, she realised that the process of soup making is very complex and time-consuming.

Hence she approached her friend, Minying, who is now her business partner. Chantelle recalls that her (Minying) family’s soup is the best she has ever tasted. Her favourite is their collagen soup made of slow-cooked bone broth that is gently boiled over 10 hours with only natural ingredients. It reminded Chantelle of how my grandmother used only the best ingredients to prepare food for her family. This made her want to do the same for all her fans and let them try it too. Yuan Collagen has only one simple mission, and that is to bring the best collagen soup to everyone.

Yuan Collagen soup made of 100% natural ingredients without MSG or other preservatives.

Starting a new business is no easy feat, let alone starting a new business during COVID-19. When this pandemic occured, there were changes to people’s lifestyle. Chantelle got a read on the situation, and felt that the demand will be strong since people had no choice but to stay home more often. As most businesses were closed or not fully operational, it posed a challenge when sourcing for materials. Costs and lead time were higher and stretched. Thankfully, I had a lot of support from my friends and family, she says. The industry leaders have also been very helpful and been giving good advice throughout their entire journey.

Biographies of successful people would always inspire her — it has always been a dream to have her own business. As for her favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur, Chantelle loves the challenge it brings. It helps remind her not to be afraid of failing. Even if she has to experience it, she says that best time to fail is now. As a new entrepreneur, she has learned a lot and is glad to have met many guardian angels who have guided her on this journey.

Her last piece of advice for future entrepreneurs? In everything you do and every decision you make, your customers should always be your north star.

How does Yuan Collagen Soup benefit health and beauty?

Our soup is cooked with only 100% natural ingredients with zero preservatives and artificial flavorings. We gently boil it over 10 hours to release rich chicken flavours and thick collagen. I am very health conscious and I strongly believe that nutrition from natural food sources is the best.

I often suffer from bloated face after consuming MSG and so I completely abstain from it since I am always filming. YUAN Collagen Soup is what I will go for whenever I feel like having a satisfying bowl of hot soup without feeling guilty afterwards.

Yuan Collagen Soup made of 100% natural ingredients without MSG or preservatives.
Yuan Collagen Soup and its health benefits include stronger boners, better sleep and better immune system

​Yuan Collagen also has limited edition Essence of Chicken Herbal Collagen Soup has been slow boiled to an even longer 16 hours to extract the essence of chicken and rich collagen. Yuan Collagen then pair it with 7 carefully selected herbs that bring a myriad benefits ranging from immunity boosting to digestive and circulatory system health improvements! ​Enjoy the benefits of both herbal soup AND Collagen soup packed in this nutritious bowl for you and your loved ones!

Yuan Collagen Limited Edition Essence of Chicken Herbal Collagen Soup with 7 carefully selected herbs


Win 2 packets of Collagen Soup from Yuan Collagen by taking part in VaniZine giveaway. Enjoy a nice collagen soup steamboat with your love ones and celebrate Singapore’s 55th Birthday. Contest ends on 7 Aug 20 2359. More details can be found on Vaniday instagram and facebook.

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