Why We Need Nutritional Supplements


Do we need supplements? Theoretically, a balanced diet will provide us with the essential nutrients. This is hard to achieve as we are so used to multitasking that it spares us little time to grab a nutritious bite or exercise. Hence, we have to look for supplements to fill in these gaps.

Our bodies are living organism that need a constant supply of essential nutrients. This is essential for generating new cells to remain healthy. When we take multivitamin supplements, it makes up for the nutrients we do not get from the foods we eat. If we are missing these nutrients, we can build up deficiencies that can lead to health problems such as cardiovascular disease, problems with the immune system or even cancer.

Who needs supplements?

Recent researches say that all adults and children can benefit from multivitamin supplements. Supplements help maintain health and vitality as age advances. Lactating mothers, adolescents and pregnant ladies need extra nutrition. Our nutrition reserve often lacks in calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and manganese. Iron deficiency is common in girls and ladies. Smokers are low on Vitamin C. Ladies should take folic acid supplements before and during pregnancy to prevent birth defects. People with kidney disorders have less of vitamin D in their system.

Multivitamin supplements contain several vitamins or minerals instead of only one vitamin or mineral. Some vitamins or minerals yield more benefits when they are taken together with some other vitamin or minerals.

For example:

    * Vitamins C and E are more effective when taken together.

    * Taking selenium increase the heart-healthy effects of vitamin E.

    * Vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and folic acid are most beneficial when taken together.

    * Calcium and magnesium work better when taken together.

Supplements are extra to your nutrition and should remain that way.

Healthy diet, healthy life!

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