Video By Vaniday

Vaniday followed beauty and fashion influencer Rachel Wong ( for her brow tinting appointment with Benefit Cosmetics With 12 brow bars all over the island and expert brow artists, Benefit Cosmetics had Rachel’s brows trimmed, tinted and shaped in under 30 minutes.
Vaniday followed fashion and beauty influencer Charlotte Lum ( to get her nails done. A lover of all things pink and pretty, Nailgasm helped Charlotte achieve her mermaid princess goals with amazing nail art.
Fitness junkie Michelle Tan ( works out nearly every day, meaning razors and waxing are just too temporary of a fix to keep skin hairless and smooth. A trip to Supersmooth for laser hair removal sessions is quick, simple and virtually pain-free.
Amanda Leong at The Spa by The Ultimate – Beauty Your Own Way
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