Travel Beauty Tips: Wearing Lash Extensions on Vacation

Stop stressing about getting the best long-lasting and camera-ready mascara, and start focusing on all the adventures you’ll have on your travels. Having lash extensions means never worrying about your lashes looking sloppy or unfinished, no matter the time of day or night. The finest travel companion is a set of lash extensions, so it’s no surprise that beauty salons in Singapore are booked full when vacation season arrives!  

Follow our tried-and-true advice for traveling with eyelash extensions, and your lashes will remain in pristine condition, whether you’re hiking in the mountains or sunbathing at the beach.

Clean and preserve your lash extensions

Put cool water on your eyelashes if you plan to stay at the beach for a while after swimming. After a day at the beach, it’s important to remove any traces of sand and salt from your eyes by washing them thoroughly with water and an oil-free facial cleanser or an eye makeup remover designed for lash extensions.

Proper eyelash extension care is the best way to ensure they last. Follow these steps to make sure they stay in their best shape for as long as possible:

First, make sure everything is clean

Wash your face with a cleanser that does not contain oil or alcohol. Make sure the cleanser you use is extension-safe. Avoid rubbing your eyes too harshly while removing any makeup.

Second, massage the area

Apply the cleanser to your lash line by massaging it with your hands or an eyelash cleansing brush. The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate, so take your time and be gentle.

Third, brush and rinse

To remove the cleanser, thoroughly rinse your skin with cool water. Take a clean mascara wand and lightly fluff your lash extensions once you’ve patted them dry. This will not only make them last longer but also help them maintain their brilliant form.

Lash extension products.

Stick to lash extension-safe products

Leave the mascara at home and ditch the lash curler. Unlike your natural lashes, lash extensions are already curled and retain their shape for weeks. This is especially true if your lash artist uses a two-step heating method to ensure that your lash extensions will last a long time.

If you have classic lash extensions or volume lash extensions, keep the mascara away. The mascara brush tends to grab several lashes and clump them up. This issue is worse with volume lash extensions. Mascara will not only seal the fans your lash artist painstakingly created but also bunch together individual clumps.

Keep a lint-free, soft cotton towel

Once you leave your room on vacation, you won’t be returning till the evening. The easiest way to prevent sweat from ruining your eyelashes while you’re on the move is to carry a towel or tissue with you.

Moreover, oils from your body can weaken your lash glue and cause your lashes to fall out. Bring a tiny towel or tissue with you on your next hike or walk around the city on a humid day to wipe away sweat and oil from your eyelashes.

A person wearing an eye mask with one side flipped up.

Use a shaped eye mask

When you’re tired from a long day of sightseeing or travelling, you can’t be bothered to take your lash extensions off before falling asleep. A sleep mask with cutouts for your eyes can help you avoid touching your eyelids while you sleep.

Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and high temperatures

Wearing sunscreen near your eyelashes is a bad idea. Applying sunscreen when sporting eyelash extensions demands extra caution since you don’t want the sunscreen to get in your eyes. Sunscreen with an oily formula can ruin the adhesive used for lash extensions. To be safe, use an oil-free sunscreen that doesn’t clog your pores or cause them to burn under the sun.

It’s also important to keep away from sources of intense heat. Maintain a safe distance from any hot grills, campfires, or smoke. When the temperature outside is extremely high, you should either stay indoors or cover your eyes with shades to protect your lash extensions from burning.

We also recommend avoiding hot treatments like saunas, steam rooms, and even fake tanning beds. Brief exposures to steam and saunas are fine, but they become harmful the longer you spend time in them.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach

Unfortunately for stomach sleepers, this is the worst possible position to sleep in when wearing lash extensions. If you sleep with your face pressed up against a pillow, your lash extensions will brush against the fabric and become tangled and brittle.

Use a silk pillowcase

In the same way that rubbing and pulling can cause your lash extensions to fall out, so can your natural lashes if they are attached to your extensions. If you can only get a pleasant night’s rest by sleeping on your stomach, try switching to a silk pillowcase.

Cotton can latch onto your hair and bend it at the roots. It can strip your lashes of natural oils, leaving them dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. If you’re having this issue, consider switching to a friction-free pillowcase made of silk or another smooth material.

Consider other lash services in Singapore

If you want to contour your lashes but don’t want to wear extensions on your next trip, a lash lift might be another way to go. Consider getting a lash lift from a reputable beauty salon in singapore to make your eyes stand out. This combination will give you natural lashes that last for up to four weeks without any upkeep on your part.

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