Things to Consider When Going for a Hair Removal in Singapore

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Hair removal can be quite a pain – both in terms of the application and the time is taken to do the procedure. Once you’ve decided against removing unwanted hair, there’s no going back. Now, most of us rely on having a quality razor and some cream to remove our excess hair. It’s quick and relatively cheap but can be a real pain.

However, it does come with its drawbacks. You’d need to invest in a quality razor that helps you get the silky, smooth skin you’ve always wanted. Plus, you’ll also need to shave constantly to avoid getting prickly stubble! Depending on how quickly your hair grows, you might have to do it once a week or daily.

If you’re tired of constantly shaving your hair, you can opt for waxing. Simply head to a nearby salon for a professional brazilian hair removal to get rid of that excess hair and leave you with silky smooth skin. You don’t have to worry about unwanted hair for a couple of weeks, no waking up early to get those hair removed before a shower.

However, the trouble starts when the hair grows back because you can’t go for another waxing hair removal service until the excess hair fully grows back. If you’re happy having hairy legs for a few days, waxing can be brilliant, but if you have to go to an event in that time, you might need to get a razor again, which will undo all your hard work.

If you’re sick and tired of all these hair removal options and are thinking of a more permanent solution, check out laser hair removal. It can be a viable solution if done by the right professional. However, before searching for a hair removal service in Singapore and booking your laser hair removal appointment, it is important to understand the service. There are some factors you should keep in mind when going for hair removal in Singapore. Let’s take an in-depth look into some of those.

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Razors Can Help with Hair Removal

You may be quite tempted to ditch that annoying razor as soon as you make your hair appointment. But hold on; don’t throw the razor just yet. You’ll need to shave your unwanted hair before the laser removal service. There’s a very simple reason for this. The laser attacks your hair follicle at the root, and if you have long hair sticking out of your leg, the laser won’t reach its intended target.

The excess hair can absorb the laser energy instead of the follicle, which means that you’d be only wasting your time and energy during the appointment. Therefore, make sure to go into the appointment well-prepared by shaving your legs beforehand to get the maximum benefits of the treatment.

However, you should know that hair removal through razors is only allowed PRIOR to the laser hair removal appointment. After the process, you should refrain from picking up the razor, tweezing, or waxing after because it can be detrimental to the entire laser hair removal process.

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Tanning is A No Go!

The ideal time for undergoing a laser removal treatment is when your skin has its natural color. If you’re planning to undergo a tanning treatment, you might need to re-evaluate. You must also stay away from sun and tanning beds for at least four weeks before the laser hair removal treatment. So say goodbye to those beach trips prior to getting your hair removal treatment.

You also need to stay away from accessing sunlight and refrain from getting exposure to UV rays. Laser hair removal won’t work if your skin is tanned and puts it at risk of discoloration. Therefore, many people opt for laser hair removal treatment during the winter months because exposure to UV rays is low and it helps them prepare for the summer months. You also need to focus on post-treatment care and refrain from getting any fake tans or natural ones for the next four weeks after the treatment.

Refrain From Using Skincare Products

Another thing you need to do before your laser removal appointment is to refrain from using skincare products. If your daily skincare regimen involves using a lot of moisturizers, lotions, and oils, you need to skip it on the day of the treatment. It’s important to keep your skin free from any products to avoid discoloration during laser hair removal. The skin should be in its normal state when undergoing the treatment for the best results.

Consult Your Doctor

You must consult your doctor before the laser treatment; if you’re taking certain prescribed medication or skin treatment, you must consult your doctor before the laser treatment. Certain medications such as Accutane can increase your skin’s sensitivity to laser and might have adverse consequences. You might have to stop taking the medication before the process, and it is best to take your doctor’s advice if you can afford to stop it.

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Now, the duration of the process can vary according to the area you’re getting treated. Therefore, your appointments can vary anywhere from a few minutes to as much as an hour. It is important to consult with the experts at the hair removal salon to get an accurate idea of the time it will take to conduct the procedure so that you can alter your plans accordingly. Also, there’s a limit to the amount of laser your body can be exposed to in one session.

It is better to consult with the practitioner to gauge the time it takes to successfully complete the procedure. You also need to keep in mind that it might take multiple sessions to get the desired results you want. Make sure to attend appointments on time and stick to the correct pre- and post-care procedures. Your laser hair removal expert will carefully look at your situation and advise you on the number of appointments it takes to get the best results.

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Results Will Be Evident

Even though it might take multiple appointments to see the best outcome, you’ll see instant results. You’ll experience a reduction in hair growth after just one session. It will only get better after each session, so make sure not to skip your appointments. Patience and perseverance are key to getting the best outcome from your laser hair treatment. You’ll see more prominent results within three months of getting the hair treatment.

Also, it’s better to manage expectations before the treatment. Laser hair removal is not a permanent hair removal solution; it merely permanently reduces hair growth. You’ll still experience hair growth. So, always consider this factor before getting the treatment to ensure you don’t end up disappointed.

Minimum Pain

A misconception surrounding hair removal is that it is quite painful. However, this is not true. Laser removal is not as painful as it sounds. It is definitely not more painful than waxing or depilating. The process can be over fairly quickly, and you’ll barely notice the pain.

Also, the side effects are minimal, and laser treatment is considered quite a safe treatment. After the treatment, you might experience some itchiness, redness, and a warm sensation, but they are expected to go away fairly quickly. However, if the problems persist, get in touch with your physician immediately.

Should You DIY Hair Removal?

The cost of the laser removal treatment can vary depending on the area you’re getting treated for and the salon you’re visiting. However, some opt for DIY laser treatments that they can do at the convenience of their homes. It is important to note that the DIY process can be quite difficult, and there’s a chance that you might leave certain areas untreated.

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It’s hard to reach the back of your legs, back, and shoulders. It can get uncomfortable and time-consuming, even if it’s much cheaper than a professional hair removal service. The plan can backfire if not done properly.

A reputable and professional hair removal salon in Singapore will provide you with the best services and leave no area untouched. They will also adhere to all relevant legal rules, training, and safety requirements. Your hair removal technician will assess any potential risks involved in the process and inform you before the service makes an informed decision.

Therefore, choosing a professional service that can adhere to all your needs and requirements rather than going down the DIY route is wiser. Having said that, you need to look for a reliable and safe salon that can provide professional services and expertise without charging huge sums of money.

You need to look for a service that utilizes advanced and innovative techniques to carry out the hair removal service. They should ensure a smooth, silky process that provides you the maximum results.

Finding Quality Beauty Salons in Singapore

If you’re looking for quality and affordable spa singapore near you that have professionals providing the best hair removal services, check out Vaniday. The beauty platform will help you connect with some of the best salon in singapore to help you with all your hair removal needs. Check out their website to know more.

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