The Nail Tools Salons Use for the Perfect Manicure

a woman posing with newly polished nails.

Are you tired of your cumbersome routine and need a much-needed relaxing and self-pampering day on the weekend? Well, you must not forget to pamper your hands as they work hard all week long and need some quality treatment. Manicures can be a great way to shower your hands with some love.

You should look to book an appointment at a premium salon in Singapore to get a quality manicure session. If you’re struggling to find one, don’t worry! Vaniday allows you to look for the best salons in Singapore and book an appointment immediately.

However, before visiting the salon, you should have an idea of the process and the type of nail tools they will use during the manicure. This article covers the must-have nail tools that you should be able to find in any premium manicure salon in Singapore.

Nail Clippers

Quality nail clippers are perhaps one of the most basic yet important tools any nail salon should have when doing a manicure. As you know, unhygienic nails are a breeding ground for bacteria and are easily one of the dirtiest parts of the body. Trimming them regularly is one of the best ways to maintain overall health and hygiene.

Most nail salons will have quality nail clippers that are used during a manicure. Make sure that their clippers are clean before you begin the process. If you’re clipping at home, ensure that your nail is neatly placed between the cutter, and they shouldn’t touch your skin.

an aerial view of several manicured hands.

Do not cut more than necessary because it can expose the sensitive area of your skin to bacteria that can cause infections. A professional nail artist will cut your nails to perfection before carrying out the rest of the manicure.

Cuticle Pusher

Another important nail tool every manicure salon should have is a cuticle pusher. This fantastic tool ensures that your cuticles don’t become dry or flaky and works by pushing the skin from your nails back and away. If you have tough and hard skin, ask your nail technician to use a steel cuticle pusher. For softer skin, a wooden one is the ideal choice.

If you’re using a cuticle pusher at home, you should never cut your cuticles. Be gentle and push them back. Any slicing on the bottom of the nail bed can lead to infections. Therefore, it is better to leave it in the hands of experts who understand the intricacies involved with cuticles.

For best results, make sure to deal with the area immediately after a shower because your skin is incredibly soft.

Cuticle Nipper

Besides a pusher, a nail salon will also have a cuticle nipper used to deal with hang nails, rigid cuticles, and the dry skin around that area. This nail tool offers impeccable precision to reach tight spaces that would otherwise be hard to get.

hands dipped in a bowl of water.

It is widely used to trim ingrown nails, leaving your skin looking and feeling smoother and softer. Your nail aesthetician may also use the nipper to remove unwanted tissue around your nail area delicately.

A nipper is always used after the pusher once the cuticle receives the necessary treatment. It is ideal for removing the tiny pieces of skin around the cuticle, which may annoy you from time to time. After the cuticle has been pushed and nipped, your technician may use a hand cream or lotion to moisturize the area.

Nail Buffer

Have you ever wondered how to get those amazing glossy nails naturally? Well, the answer lies in this amazing tool called the nail buffer. They are one of the best nail tools to eliminate the dullness of your nails. Your nail technician will use the buffer to eliminate dry ridges or peeling on your nails through extensive smoothening. The main purpose of this nail tool is to provide ample polish and give your hands an amazing, natural look.

Before starting the buffing process, your aesthetician will clean your nails and ensure they are soaked well. Once soaked, they’ll carry out a thorough drying process and use the buffer in one direction. However, make sure they don’t buff too rigorously because it may cause thinning.

a woman is having a manicure session.

Nail File

A nail file is another important tool that is used to smoothen the edges of your nails. It helps shape the nails however you want to shape them. Now, salons use a variety of files. They may use an emery board, or a plain metal file as it’s also quite commonly used across salons. Emery boards are gentler and are preferred.

Files work best on dry nails because wet ones split way too quickly. Your nail technician will start at one corner and slowly move toward the center of the nail. If you’re doing it at home, make sure to apply less pressure and file nails in one direction for a much smoother finish.

Nail Brushes

Nail brushes are another essential tool used in most premium nail salons in Singapore. These are extensively used to clean the nails thoroughly. They can also remove any stubborn dirt or stains from under your nails. You can also use this nail tool daily if you want your nails to look as clean as possible.

They are pretty simple and easy to use. When doing this at home, hold the brush under warm water and apply a small amount of soap to the brush. Move the tool from side to side, creating a consistent lather. Once done, wash your hands thoroughly and apply a quality moisturizer to ensure that your nails are clean and hydrated.

a person applying nail polish.

Orangewood Stick

An orangewood stick is another interesting nail tool used to push the cuticle, clean any dirt from the nails and to correct the enamel colors. Almost similar to a pencil, these sticks are made from orangewood, as the name suggests, and have a flat angled end while the other end is pointy.

Nail estheticians may dip them into a nail remover and clean any smudges or leftovers of the nail paint on the skin that surrounds the nail. They are efficient and quick to use and can come in handy if you want to get a quick manicure session done during the break at your workplace.

If you’re doing this at home, make sure to soak your nails in water for at least five minutes before using the orangewood stick. Then, take the pointed area and gently push your cuticles. The flat edge can taper the nail and remove the enamel color.


The secret to having soft, silky hands and smooth nails is exfoliation. Your nail technician will use a mild scrub to massage your hands during the manicure. Not only is it relaxing, but it also plays an essential role in removing the outer layers of dead skin cells on your hands. It also promotes healthy blood circulation, and an experienced manicure specialist will perform a quality scrubbing session to ensure your hands are smooth, soft, and clean.


Other Tools

Apart from the nail tools mentioned above, you’ll also find other accessories when visiting a salon for your manicure session. You’ll normally find a bucket for your feet or a bowl to soak your hands into. The bowl will have warm, soapy, and clean water, essential throughout the manicure.

Apart from that, you’ll also find a premium cuticle oil used during the cuticle cleaning process. There are plenty of hand creams that your manicure specialists will use to pamper your hands.

After the cleaning, exfoliation, and scrubbing session, you’ll also receive a fresh coat of nail polish for your beautiful hands. Now, applying polish is up to you. You can always use a quality base coat that strengthens and ensures nail growth to keep them nice and healthy.

You can always do a DIY manicure session at home with nail tools, but we advise visiting a nail salon near you to get some much-needed pampering. The experienced manicure technicians will use high-quality products and processes to give your hands and nails the attention they deserve.

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