The Final Verdict on Curtain Bangs

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Curtain bangs give a springy, simple vibe while elevating your entire look. This trendy hairstyle does for your face what artfully and carefully curated curtains do for a window! They are a modern, softer, and more bespoke version of the traditional bangs, highlighting your jawbone and other facial features.

This super cute, extremely versatile hairstyle is perfect for every season. However, many are still reluctant to sport this style. Let’s look at why this 70’s hairstyle is making a huge comeback this year and why you should get them.

Curtain Bangs Can Suit Any Face Shape

Do you know why curtain bands are so trendy and in demand? It is because they can suit any face shape and style. You can get long, sweeping, or textured bangs to immediately elevate your look to the next level without going the full distance of a full chop or adding layers.

It’s a fun and breezy way to change your look. Plus, curtain bangs are incredibly versatile and super-wearable hairstyles. They can work well on longer hair, and there are a lot of A-list celebrities that sport that curtain bang look.

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They Enhance Features

Another big advantage of sporting curtain bangs is that they can help you highlight your best features. Longer, sweeping bangs can help you narrow your broad face or lead towards more of a diamond shape. Shorter curtain bangs that curve towards the temple can help you contour and tone your cheekbones. Perhaps the only face where they can be tricky to frame is a round shape because they emphasize roundness.

They’re Extremely Low Maintenance

Another top advantage of sporting curtain bangs is their extremely low maintenance. The already-designed cut and shape often grow out easier than other hairstyles that may rely on precision and regular upkeep. While you can get away with curtain-style bangs growing longer, getting a trim after every 4-6 weeks is still recommended to look your absolute best.

For best results, use a quality conditioner after every wash that leaves your hair soft and shiny. If you want a more elegant or particular style, you may have to up your maintenance game. However, you wouldn’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror to style your bangs.

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Quick and Easy

Apart from low maintenance, they are pretty easy to make. If you have greasy bangs, dip them in water for five minutes, apply shampoo, and see them freshen up. As mentioned, apply a quality conditioner for in-depth results. Once washed, use a dryer and do the wrap-dry technique to ensure they are nice and crisp.

Wispy curtain bangs, in particular, are the ideal way to switch up your winter look and feel fresh for the spring without cutting any length off your hair. They work wonderfully with any hair and are most attractive when casually pulled to the sides of the face.

However, you should always consider wearing a top-quality hair salon to get your haircut done. Doing everything on your own can mess up your hairstyle. Also, experienced stylists and hairdressers will better understand the texture of your hair and can recommend you the most appropriate bang hairstyle that suits your facial features and hair texture.

That said, finding a premium salon can be very difficult in Singapore, especially due to the plethora of options available on the market. Plus, it can be taxing to locate quality salons, note their contact details, and check on them individually to see whether they can entertain your appointment.

Finding the Best Hair Salons in Singapore

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