The Best Type of Bangs for Your Face Shape

    So, you’re procrastinating at your office and scrolling through your Instagram until you come across a picture of your friend sporting some killer bangs! They’re crisp, look drop-dead gorgeous, and you begin to imagine if you could get these amazing type of bangs.

    Bangs come naturally to some people, while others struggle to make them work. That said, with some research, you can also sport bangs. You need to consider many factors before going to a hair salon in Singapore to get this amazing hairstyle. Let’s look into the best type of bangs for your face shape.

    Determining The Shape of Your Face

    You must first identify your face shape and the corresponding bangs hairstyle best suits you. Apart from that, the texture of your hair and color also determine the type of bangs you should get.

    If you are unsure about your face shape, don’t worry. Look closely at the length of your face, hairline, and jawline. If your hairline starts almost 4 fingers away from your eyebrows, you have more options for getting the perfect bang shairstyle.

    a person with black hair and a bangs hairstyle.

    Baby bangs suit oval-shaped jawlines, while layered bangs are perfect for long faces. Once you’ve figured out your face shape, it is time to head to the salon and get some amazing bangs. Here are some ideas and suggestions that’ll suit you and the shape of your face.

    Wispy Fringe Bangs for Heart-Shaped Faces

    You must take care of the length of your bangs over the width if you have a heart-shaped face. These faces suit bangs that extend from your forehead towards your face and simultaneously emphasize the curvature at the tip of your chin.

    Wispy fringe bangs are perfect for heart-shaped faces because they’ll highlight your soft angles and make a compelling statement. Make sure to invest in a quality round brush and a hairdryer to properly style your hair at home.

    Thick and Side-Swept Bangs for Round-Shaped Faces

    If you have a rounded face and think bangs are unsuitable for you, think again! The right type of hairstyle can look amazing on your round-shaped face. Consider getting thick-cut and side-swept bangs if you want to switch to bangs.

    This hairstyle won’t highlight the curvature of your chin. Instead, it will add an angular length to your hair and face and lengthen your jawline. The result? An amazing bangs hairstyle that never ceases to amaze you and other people. These bangs style also gives you room to play with, unlike others.

    Straight-Across Heavy Bangs for Long-Shaped Faces

    If you have a long-shaped face, bangs shouldn’t trouble you. This face type is most suited for this hairstyle. Go with a straight-across heavy bangs style that perfectly complements your long face. The bangs can fall either at your eyebrows or slightly above them.

    The extra hair on the forehead will draw attention away from your jawline and focus on your eyes and the center of the face. Always remember that the symmetry of the bangs is key to sporting a gorgeous bangs style on a long-shaped face.

    All Options Open for Oval-Shaped Faces

    If you have an oval-shaped face, you’re in for a treat. The face shape can suit numerous bangs styles. Oval-shaped faces are quite versatile, and you can try and experiment with many bangs options until you find the one that looks the absolute best.

    Baby bangs are quite trendy for oval-shaped faces, so you can give the style a go. The baby bangs have a flirtatious feminine appeal that can turn heads and make you stand out from the crowd.

    Brow-Grazing Fringe Bangs for Square-Shaped Faces

    Like long-shaped faces, you’d be better off sporting a lengthy and full bangs hairstyle if you have a square-shaped face.

    Women with square-shaped faces often choose brow-grazing fringe bangs that highlight the beautiful features of their faces. You can also play around with the bangs and split your fringe into two for a softer and more romantic appeal.

    Bangs can be an amazing hairstyle if you know which ones suit your unique face shape. That said, getting your haircut from a premium hair salon that employs experienced hairdressers is always recommended. They should have the necessary know-how and expertise to create the perfect bangs style for you.

    Finding The Best Hair Salons in Singapore

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