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How to Keep Stress and Anxiety at Bay | magazine.vaniday.com

How to Keep Stress and Anxiety at Bay

Faced with hectic city life and tons of responsibilities, our body is often tensed. We deserve a great massage or a rejuvenating facial to recharge.
The Magic of Nuts

The Magic of Nuts: Why Nuts Are So Good For You

Some people LOVE them, but may not know much. Many nuts actually possess some incredible nutritional benefits that you probably haven’t heard about.
The Surprising Benefits of Practicing Self-Love

The Surprising Benefits of Practicing Self-Love

Repeat after me: putting yourself first is not selfish. We’ve been trained (especially women) to think of others first and ourselves last.
8 Essential Oils and Their Benefits | magazine.vaniday.com

8 Essential Oils and Their Benefits

Having aromatherapy diffusers or burning aromatherapy candles scented with pure essential oils is a wonderful way to add fragrance to a room. Not only do these essential oils smell nice, they can also have...
Beauty & Health Franchise Opportunities in Singapore

14 Beauty & Wellness Franchise Opportunities in Singapore

While opening your own business can be an exciting and rewarding experience, it also involves a lot of planning and risk-assessment. If it's your first venture, why not consider owning a franchise instead? Not...
7 Healthy Weight Loss Tips | magazine.vaniday.com

7 Easy Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

Today, more than ever there is so much information out there on healthy weight loss programs. It becomes very confusing and sometimes difficult to follow. You will find thousands of healthy weight loss programs...

10 Benefits of Cinnamon As a Spice and Alternative Medicine

Not just widely used both in the food and pharmaceutical industry, cinnamon also has antiseptic properties. The cinnamon bark oil is used as a flavouring for digestive aids, liniments and oral care products. It...

7 Destructive Habits and Anti-Aging Treatments for Their Harmful Effects

While the dreams of always being young may be far away, the dream of looking and feeling younger is here today. Thankfully, there are many anti-aging treatments on the market that can help prolong...

5 Benefits of Meditation

The effects of meditation are positive and countless. Studies have demonstrated that those who meditate on a regular basis have reduced illness, stress and need for rest. But one of the most compelling reasons to...
Aromatherapy | magazine.vaniday.com

Aromatherapy: A True Gift From Nature

Aromatherapy is the treatment of the body and the mind. It uses scents and essential oils derived from aromatic plants.  The History of Aromatherapy The art of aromatherapy had been practiced since the earliest times. Even...