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Finding the Best Dentist in Singapore for Teeth Whitening

Let’s be honest; nobody likes looking into the mirror and seeing stained, discoloured teeth. On one hand, discolouration is pretty common ACCORDING TO Dentist. Your teeth are bound to get yellowed due to sugary...
undergoing facial treatment.

What to Expect from Your First Laser Hair Removal in Singapore

Laser hair removal can be a brilliant way to get a permanent solution to slow unwanted hair growth. It’s a much less painful and effective procedure compared to waxing. Now, it’s a dream for anyone...
person with straight hair.

Everything You Need to Know When Visiting a Hair Salon in Singapore for Hair Rebonding

Want to know the secret to the perfect hairstyle that turns heads? Well, it all depends on your preference and the type of hair that suits your face’s shape. Having said that, one hairstyle you...
eyelash extensions and tools.

Eyelash Extensions in Singapore: Pros, Cons & The Right Care

When eyelash extensions first hit the beauty industry in the early 2000s, they became an instant hit. Anyone who wanted a Hollywood-like look and killer eyelashes opted for these extensions. The procedure has only grown...

Benefits of Visiting a Pedicure Nail Salon in Singapore

Are you tired of the daily work routine and looking for a getaway that helps you relax and isn't too hard on your pocket? Well, you can plan to visit your manicure and pedicure...

Tips On Maintaining Your Acrylic Nails

The gentler you are with your Acrylics the longer they'll last; therefore, avoid opening cans or lifting anything heavy with your fingernails, as this can damage and break your nails.
4 Types of Massages in Singapore | magazine.vaniday.com

4 Types of Massages and Where to Get Them

Overworked and drained? Feeling achey and sore all over? You may be in need of a serious massage. Luckily for you, there are salons all over the island providing all types of massages in Singapore that...
7 Reasons Why You Should Meal Prep | magazine.vaniday.com

7 Reasons Why You Should Meal Prep

Meal prepping, or meal prep for short, is the practice of preparing whole meals in advance. With the demands of daily life, healthy food may not always be the most accessible to us —...

How Exercise Benefits the Body and Mind

It might be tough at first, but starting on a new fitness regime can be extremely rewarding. Exercise has shown to have numerous benefits for both the body and mind, and can improve overall...
Relaxing Massage

Best Relaxing Massage Services in Singapore

Feeling stressed after a hectic day? Take time off to unwind to enjoy relaxing massage services. Getting a full-body massage is a great way.