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common hair care mistakes

3 Common Hair Care Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Hair got you down? Avoid these hair care mistakes to achieve shiny, glossy locks that will make you the subject of envy. Washing your hair too often There’s nothing like a shower to help you feel...
How to Keep Stress and Anxiety at Bay | magazine.vaniday.com

How to Keep Stress and Anxiety at Bay

Faced with hectic city life and tons of responsibilities, our body is often tensed. We deserve a great massage or a rejuvenating facial to recharge.

5 Benefits of Meditation

The effects of meditation are positive and countless. Studies have demonstrated that those who meditate on a regular basis have reduced illness, stress and need for rest. But one of the most compelling reasons to...
7 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care | Vaniday | magazine.vaniday.com

7 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care During This Pandemic

If anything, 2020 has shown us that self-care is more important than ever. Simple acts such as eating right, sleeping right, and taking time out to just be, can make a difference in your...
Local Candle Brands in Singapore | magazine.vaniday.com

5 Local Candle Makers for All Your Aromatherapy Rituals

In these stressful times, there's no shame i indulging in a little self-care ritual to keep the stress and anxiety at bay. Candles are known to be calming, and together with essential oils, aid...
HIIT Boxing Workout | magazine.vaniday.com

4 Reasons Why HIIT Boxing Should Be Your Next Workout

There are many benefits to incorporating a little HIIT into your workouts. It is great at burning calories and maintaining a desirable figure. However, HIIT can be boring and challenging, especially when doing it...