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Eyebrow Trends That Will Be Hot in 2023

Eyebrows are a make or break for any makeup or fashion look. We’re well into the decade of the brow, but there’s a long time before these fuzzy facial arches will fade out of...

Finding the Best Makeup Remover in Singapore

If there’s one cardinal makeup rule everyone knows, it’s this: you cannot sleep with your makeup on. As much fun as applying winged eyeliner or mixing lipstick shades to get the right colour may be,...

Tips On Maintaining Your Acrylic Nails

The gentler you are with your Acrylics the longer they'll last; therefore, avoid opening cans or lifting anything heavy with your fingernails, as this can damage and break your nails.

3 Makeup Treatments That’ll Transform Your Look

3 makeup treatments that transform your look. Makeup is powerful. A skillfully done makeup treatment is like real life Photoshop.
Best Types of Mascara | magazine.vaniday.com

8 Types of Mascara and Which Exactly You Should Use

If there's one product I cannot live without, it's mascara. I never knew the magic of mascara until my lates 20s, and call me dramatic, but my life has never been the same since...
Do Cosmetics Expire? | magazine.vaniday.com

Do Cosmetics Expire? Here’s All You Need to Know

Ever found a forgotten tube of mascara stashed at the back of your vanity? Is your foundation supposed to look like that? Is it time to move on to a new moisturiser? Unbeknown to...
6 Makeup Tips For People Who Are Always Late | magazine.vaniday.com

6 Makeup Tips for People Who Are Always Late

Whether you woke up late or underestimated your time on hand, hands up if you've ever had to step up of the house without makeup. Here's 6 tips to help you master your makeup...
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Sebelle visits Make Up Store

I don’t know if the word “Makeover” just sounds scary to me because I’ve watched crazy look transformations on America’s Next Top Model.

Behind the Scenes of Vaniday’s #BeautyGoals Lookbook

What are your #BeautyGoals? Clearer and more radiant skin? Longer eyelashes? A new hair color? Whatever it is, Vaniday has the thing for you.

Behind the scenes of our Chinese New Year Lookbook!

In collaboration with Zalora and our partnering salons, the lookbook features beauty and style inspiration for our modern take on CNY beauty.