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5 Salons For An Almost Painless Boyzilian Wax in Singapore | magazine.vaniday.com

5 Salons for a Painless Boyzilian Wax in Singapore

Shaving is often the go-to method for removing hair. However, there are many reasons why shaving is not good for your skin, especially as area as sensitive as the genitals. Women are familiar with...
Brazilian Waxing in Singapore

6 Spots to Get a Brazilian Wax in Singapore

Summer is just around the corner, and that means bikinis and the beach. An essential? Smooth, hairless skin. While many of us have opted for the traditional method of shaving, it is time-consuming and...
3 Reasons to Stop Shaving Your Underarms | magazine.vaniday.com

3 Reasons to Stop Shaving Your Underarms

Shaving your underarms is one of the cheapest and most accessible ways to getting rid of unwanted body hair. However, it is very damaging to the skin. Here are 3 reasons why you should...
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5 Benefits of Sugaring

If you're looking for a safe and sustainable hair removal method, look no further. An alternative to waxing, sugaring is great for those who prefer to stick to traditional hair removal methods. What is...
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IPL vs SHR: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to getting rid of hair permanently, nothing does the job quite like laser hair removal. However, laser hair removal can be much more expensive. Lucky for you, there's options in IPL...
The Best Hair Removal Treatments | magazine.vaniday.com

The Best Hair Removal Treatments

Hair removal routine is not one of the most entertaining self care activities. Shaving is the easiest hair removal method. It’s quick and almost painless.
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Laser Hair Removal at Supersmooth with Michelle Tan

Supersmooth calls itself a “hair removal beauty spa” and prides itself on offering highly effective laser hair removal services.
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A gentleman’s guide to grooming

Yes, modern men, we’re talking to you. Keeping your nails spick and span is as important as staying fit and healthy. This week we’re picking the top beauty