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The 11 K-Beauty Trends Dominating Skincare in 2023

Korean beauty has been making waves around the globe. K-beauty treatments, products, and cosmetics have received acclaim as some of the best on the market from both novices and experts in the field of...

7 Celebrities Reveal Their #1 Secret for Perfect Skin

One of the first things we notice in an encounter with a celebrity is their skin. We forget the interview part, which becomes a cloud we cannot recall afterwards because we were too mesmerized by...

Restore The Glow and Shine on Your Face with These Facial Treatments

Now that fall has arrived, it's important to pay special attention to our health. Along with the usual winter wardrobe and cosmetics products, radiant, healthy skin treatments is a must if you want to...
eyelash extensions and tools.

Eyelash Extensions in Singapore: Pros, Cons & The Right Care

When eyelash extensions first hit the beauty industry in the early 2000s, they became an instant hit. Anyone who wanted a Hollywood-like look and killer eyelashes opted for these extensions. The procedure has only grown...
beauty products

Beauty Products That Have Lived Up to the Hype

Everyone loves having quality beauty products in their drawer they can rely on to produce the best results. However, there will be instances when you buy an excited and expensive beauty product, only to...
The Best Facials for Every Skin Type | Vaniday | magazine.vaniday.com

The Best Facials for Every Skin Type

Everyone has different skin types that have different needs. If you're not sure what kind of facials would work best for you, we're here to help. Deciding between a regular salon facial or a...
men facials

Men Need Facials, Too! Here’s Why.

For men who think you can just get away with face wash, think again. Facials may not be the 'manliest' thing out there, but there's numerous benefits to getting a facial. What does a facial...
Vaniday Gift Card Ideas

6 Beauty Gift Ideas with the Vaniday Gift Card

Whether you’re buying for a bubbly colleague, quiet neighbour or lifelong BFF, chances are you’re facing a gift-giving spending dilemma..
grooming men

A Gentleman’s Guide to Grooming

Yes, modern men, we’re talking to you. Keeping your nails spick and span is as important as staying fit and healthy. This week we’re picking the top beauty
Beauty treatments

3 Beauty Treatments on Vaniday You Need to Try

Have you ever wanted to try a beauty treatment, but held back because you weren’t exactly sure what you’d be getting yourself into? You are not alone!