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How to Make Your Next Wax Last Longer | magazine.vaniday.com

How to Make Your Next Wax Last Longer

Few beauty treatments rival the amazing feeling of silky smooth skin after a waxing treatment. Although these appointments are arguably not the most fun thing in the world, the results keep us coming back for more!...
5 Salons For An Almost Painless Boyzilian Wax in Singapore | magazine.vaniday.com

5 Salons for a Painless Boyzilian Wax in Singapore

Shaving is often the go-to method for removing hair. However, there are many reasons why shaving is not good for your skin, especially as area as sensitive as the genitals. Women are familiar with...
Brazilian Waxing in Singapore

6 Spots to Get a Brazilian Wax in Singapore

Summer is just around the corner, and that means bikinis and the beach. An essential? Smooth, hairless skin. While many of us have opted for the traditional method of shaving, it is time-consuming and...