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Located in the heart of Singapore’s Central District, Suntec City is a sprawling mall, convention centre, and office building, all-in-one. Opened in 1997, its iconic Fountain of Wealth — recognised in 1988 as the world’s largest fountain by the Guinness Book of World Records — is located at the midst of its four towers. Its prime location means that it is within walking distance to a number of attractions, such as the Merlion, Marina Bay Sands, and the Singapore Flyer.


Indulge in a range of intercontinental cuisines from around the world. From Japanese, Korean, Western, Italian, and more, Suntec City is filled with exciting dining destinations that are sure to tickle your tastebuds. Click on the hyperlink to check out the full range of what Suntec City has to offer.


Dive into a plethora of brands and the latest fashion trends. Discover things you never knew you needed with an exciting range of beloved international labels, as well as local brands. Interested to find out just what there is? The hyperlink will lead you to Suntec City’s directory, where you’ll be able to see what’s in store for you there!


Health & beauty will never be too far away — treat yourself to a new haircut, indulge in a day at the spa, or pop by for a yoga class all in one place! Here are just some of the salons that Suntec City has to offer.


AsterSpring is a leading chain of professional skincare salons and kiosks in ASEAN and Hong Kong, treating more than 10 million faces since 1984. With more than 34 years of experience, AsterSpring remains committed to achieving their customers’ best skin health with highly-trained professionally certified skincare therapists and world-leading skincare and wellness products incorporating cutting-edge technology.

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Nail Addiction

Nail Addiction has been in this field for over 10 years. Starting humbly from a single outlet, it has since expanded and opened another 12 outlets among major shopping destinations in Singapore. Consistent in its pace and ambition, Nail Addiction doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. It prides itself in providing quality products and services to its customers. Providing the public with top quality manicure and pedicure services, their specialists are constantly updated and equipped with the latest designs, trends and skills.

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Splice Barbershop

Looking for a clean, unpretentious, modern barbershop? Look no further. Located in Suntec City, Splice Barbershop is an exclusive and excellent destination for all your grooming needs. With a team of experienced barbers specialising in the traditional art of barbering, Splice Barbershop will do their utmost to ensure your grooming is done to your standards, giving you the best experience ever.

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Spa Infinity

Spa Infinity is where time-honoured healing traditions get a dose of modern spa luxury. Stretching over 6,600 square feet, Spa Infinity is the perfect escapade for a day of pure relaxation and rejuvenation. Their treatments are inspired by ancient healing traditions, catered to the modern lifestyle to restore your body, mind and soul. Take advantage of their first-trial promotions, which includes unlimited usage of their spa facilities, too!

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Salon Infinity

Located in Suntec City, Salon Infinity uses the Aveda Haircare System which merges the science of performance-driven, plant-based products with the art of high-touch experience. Aveda products are over 95% naturally derived and sourced responsibly. Come experience the powerful difference in naturally derived haircare here today.

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Beaute Hub

Beaute Hub is an award-winning spa and skincare specialist in Singapore dedicated to customers’ beauty needs and well-being enhancement. With a range of outlets across Singapore, they offering a wide and diverse range of services including body contouring and slimming, skincare and spa. Come down and pamper yourself today!

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Beaute Nails

Beaute Nails, under the Beaute Hub group, provides a sanctuary where you can take some time out from the everyday challenges to relax and recharge yourself. At Beaute Nails, your hands and feet will be pampered to perfection! The team’s incredible grooming and conditioning techniques are certain to keep your hands and feet looking their best!

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Platinum Yoga

Platinum Yoga is conveniently located at Suntec City Mall and Marine Parade, providing a total of 9 yoga rooms to perfect your poses in. With a wide spectrum of Yoga disciplines to explore, you are bound find your perfect asana. All Yoga classes are taught by fully certified and friendly Yoga instructors who are more than happy to help you get the most out of every class and develop your Yoga skills.

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