Summer 2023’s Biggest Hair Trends That Are Breaking the Internet

Now that the summer heat and humidity are behind us, we can look forward to experimenting with our hairstyles once again this fall without worrying about the dreaded humidity hair. Fall brings us a color palette that is super versatile and flattering. So, it’s not surprising that we’re all tempted to get a hair transformation as soon as the first leaf falls to the ground.

The 1970s are an influence on this year’s fall hair trends, which feature a variety of shag cuts, flipped bangs, and long, voluminous layers. When it comes to hair treatments and color, you can anticipate deep, ruby, and copper tones.

It’s time to schedule a seasonal refresh at one of Vaniday’s recommended hair salons in Singapore? Take inspiration from one of 2023’s biggest hair trends to spice up your locks for the season.

The Midi Flick Hair trends

We’ve been seeing the bouncy blowout all year long, and coming back this fall is its distant cousin, the midi flick. This hairstyle has all the glitz and volume of the ’90s supermodel period with a fraction of the hassle.

This cut is great for adding volume and liveliness to fine to medium hair, and with the correct styling products and techniques, it can be tweaked to suit thicker hair too. The length is also perfect since it sits softly on the collarbone.

A person with red hair.

Warm Reds and Coppers

Zendaya and Kendall Jenner gave us major hair envy this year with their stunning crimson hair, and we’re happy to reveal that this trend is here to stay. 2022’s biggest hair trend is all about hair that oozes cozy, fall vibes. Maybe it’s the leaves suddenly covering the ground or the drop in temperature, but we inevitably gravitate toward warmer tones. The reds of the season, though, are especially luxuriant. This year’s trend will be toward warmer, deeper tones like caramels and coppers.

New School Shag

Old-school shags were notorious for their edgy, out-of-date layers that started looking unkempt if you didn’t follow a strict wash schedule. Fortunately, the new school shag is all about volume and layers up front with weight and airy texture in the back. Perhaps the best thing about this cut is how easy it is to style. Who doesn’t love a fuss-free, face-framing hair refresh?

The Frame

Now that the temperature has dropped, you can finally experiment with a bang or fringe without worrying about your hair sticking to your forehead. Better yet, if your hair is naturally wavy or has a cowlick, you must try this trend.

The key to the frame is to work with your natural waves to create an asymmetrical fringe or bang that rests just above the eyebrows. It’s all in the name – your hair forms a corner around your eyes and frames the sides of your face. This cut suits longer faces since it draws attention to the eyes, eyebrows, and cheekbones.

A person with short hair.

The Big Chop hair trends

It seems like we’re all over the hassles of summer hair maintenance since 2023’s biggest hair trends keep leaning towards fuss-free styles. If you were thinking about cutting your hair short this fall, consider this your green signal. The best part about this style is that it requires minimal maintenance and upkeep. You just step out of the shower, wait for it to dry, and you’re good to go!

The summer sun may be harsh on your hair, so a major cut in the fall is ideal for revitalizing your locks and getting them ready for the winter. Scared of going big? Start small – ease into a Botticelli bob first and see if you want to go shorter.

Flipped Fringe hair trends

Unlike the middle-parted, flat-rooted ruffled waves of summer, elevated, side-parted, ‘flipped over’ fringes will be all the rage this fall. The look is elegant yet effortless, drawing attention to hair that is extremely healthy, clean, and lightweight. The highlight of this cute is the subtle oomph you get, much like how your hair would look if it was tucked under a winter coat.

Wispy Curtain Bangs hair trends

Curtain bangs, a fall staple, will be more popular than ever this coming October. Wispy curtain bangs are the ideal way to switch up your summer look and feel fresh for the fall without cutting any length off your hair. They work wonderfully with any hair and are at their most attractive when casually pulled to the sides of the face.

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