Spring Hairstyle Ideas for 2023

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Spring is upon us, which means no more hiding inside the blanket in your home and spending some quality time outdoors with your friends and family. It is also time to think about your new Spring hairstyle!

A good Spring hairstyles can inspire the rest of your look; in some cases, it will be the focal point of your getup. From messy buns and ponytails to braids, let’s take a look at cool spring hairstyle ideas for 2023.

Messy Bun

Messy buns work well in every season, and you can sport the look during the spring. You can spruce up the bun by including colorful clips and decorations to give you a fresher vibe. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to make and maintain and can work well in both professional and personal gatherings.

90s Mid Length

One hairstyle set to make a comeback this spring is the 90s mid-length hairstyle. They consist of curtain bangs with layers throughout the back. The length is just below the shoulders, and the haircut is ideal for fine to medium hair. The layers provide the much-needed oomph and volume to make the head appear full. You can style it with a round brush to make the layers pop!

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Ariel Spring Hairstyle

If you’re looking for an easy and low-maintenance spring hairstyle that stands out, you can opt for the amazing Ariel look. To sport the hairstyle, do the following:

  • Spray your hair with temporary red dye.
  • Part your hair to the side.
  • Pick a small piece and pin it to the back with a cute little hair clip.

Upside Down Braids

The upside-down braid hairstyle is a classic spring hairdo worn anywhere. Whether you’re dropping your kids at school, work, or visiting friends, this hairstyle is a must-have this spring. To create this look, you need to do an upside-down version of the French braid on each side of your hair. Once you’ve wrapped and pinned the ends into two buns, you can stick a butterfly hairclip for an added touch.

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Braided Spring Hairstyle with Ribbons

If you want a spring hairstyle that is simple yet cute, go for a braid with ribbons. Add some orange and black stripes to give yourself a color spring this year. Once you’ve tied your braids and ribbons, pull out some pieces of hair to add some much-needed flavor and freshness.

Jasmine Spring Hairstyle

Recreating the Disney princess look can be a great way to enter spring this year. If you have long and silky hair, you can go for the Jasmine hairstyle, and we’re sure the Aladdin in your life will be mightily impressed! Curl the front sections of your hair back, secure it with pins, and tie the rest in a low bubble ponytail.

Butterfly Hairstyle

If you want to cut your hair short this spring but aren’t ready to go full out, you can settle for a butterfly haircut. The short layers on the head would frame the face, which will give your head plenty of volume. It works perfectly for wavy and curly hair.

The Soft Bob

Another hairstyle that you can go for in spring is a soft bob. This is a casual take on the classic bob cut and would provide the much-needed springy freshness this season. Embrace the movement and texture of your flowing hair with crisp and straight lines. The hairstyle will work well if you have natural waves in your hair!

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Great Gatsby Look

If you want another short and sweet hairstyle for spring, but don’t want to overcommit, try the Great Gatsby faux bobs. To get the look, apply a quality volumizing mousse on wet hair and blow them until completely dry. After that, pull your hair back into two small sections and wrap them with a thin elastic. Tuck the sections beneath the remaining hair and place bobby pins strategically to ensure a pleasant-looking faux bob shape.

The Ballerina Look

A low chignon is one of the year’s hottest looks, but it can also serve as a perfect spring hairstyle. It’s easy enough to pull off, and you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. You’d first need to choose a part—down the middle, on the side, or slicked back.

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Once chosen, use a quality gel and a bristle brush to slick the hair in the direction you want. Once all are gathered, tie it into a tight ponytail. For extra spice, you can set aside a portion of your hair, do some braids, and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to get a more refined look.

The Long Hair Spring Style

Long hair is stunning and can provide you with a perfect spring hairstyle you can slay. You can spice up your long hairstyle with a claw clip or something reminiscent of spring. It will be a simple yet effective way to draw attention, and you’d be able to channel the breezy weather.

If you are born with naturally straight hair, you can use a curling wand to add texture and movement to your locks before continuing. Next, take a chunkier section of hair from either side and secure it with a claw clip behind your head.

Wispy Bangs

Blunt and curtain bangs are undoubtedly trendy and can be an ideal spring hairstyle, and you should consider going for the wispy bangs. They are a more subtle fringe, and if you are a 90s kid, you can relate to the hairstyle as being one of the hottest trends in town.

The 2023 version features lots of layers to create movement and texture around the face. These bangs are perfect for hair that is already long and thick due to this added softness and movement.

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The Bowl Cut

Wait, the bowl cut? The mushroom cut that we all hated growing up? Yes, the same one can be the ideal look this spring. The bowl might not be as good looking back in the day, but the hairdo has evolved considerably and is considered one of the best haircuts. It is actively sported by celebrities and fashion enthusiasts across the world.

Needless to say, it’s a hit among Singaporean women, too, earning itself a top spot in the list of best haircuts in Singapore. Now, you can go for many variations. You can choose bangs where the ends follow straight or angled lines. Bowl cuts can be incorporated with lobs, pixies, and bobs, allowing you to play with the length and choose one that suits you best. You can also shave parts of your head to rock a modern look. The sky’s the limit this spring!

The Modern Cleopatra Look

Micro braids are set to be one of the most popular hairstyles this year, and you can put a spring twist to make it look more funky and trendy. Match it with a Cleopatra look for a sultry and attractive vibe.

The hairstyle is also effortless to make. All you need is a wand or flat iron to create beachy waves and a section of two small pieces for braids. Apply hairspray to tame the frizz for each section, and add a gold twine or tinsel for some much-needed color.


The octopus hairstyle is surely set to become a trendy spring haircut in 2023. It loosely resembles the shape of the sea creature and will provide impeccable volume and layers on the top. You’ll see the layered pieces fall on or past your shoulders. It is the modern version of the classic shag and mullet that has dominated the hair charts for quite some time. It is quite easy to wear and doesn’t require much styling.

Now, you can always do these Spring hairstyle yourself or visit a quality hair salon in Singapore to get an amazing look.

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