Sebelle Visits The Caribbean Spa

To start off, the Caribbean Spa was a delightful place. Stepping into the salon got me even more excited than my body already was to immerse in a luxurious wellness experience. The staff took some time explaining the different kinds of scrubs and oils available and I chose to go with the Argan Oil Body Scrub & Full-Body Massage Treatment. They recommended argan oil because I mentioned I have slightly sensitive skin that might get irritated by harsher/rougher scrubs.

We started with an aromatic body scrub that exfoliated, hydrated, and smoothed my skin. The scrub cleansed my skin of its impurities and got the blood circulation going in my body. The Caribbean atmosphere was really relaxing and ambient music allowed me to free my mind. After 45 minutes of goodness, I washed up in my private shower, and proceeded with the full-body massage.

The massage was really quite the experience. I haven’t had many full-body massages and this one was perfect, not too intense but just enough to feel it in my muscles. I felt the instant loosening of my body’s strains as relief was brought to my stiff shoulders, tired neck, arms, thighs, and calves. It was as though my sleepless nights and tireless no-rest work routines were instantly eased and taken away.

To top it all off, I got to relax in a bubble jacuzzi bath. It was a wonderful end to the entire treatment and I could feel the difference immediately after – my body felt so rejuvenated and was happy for the pamper! I highly recommend this to anyone who’s in need of a full-on relaxation treat.

I really enjoyed myself at Caribbean Spa, I’d love to visit them once again!

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