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I don’t know if the word “Makeover” just sounds scary to me because I’ve watched crazy look transformations on America’s Next Top Model, or if the idea of having your look completely changed just sounds uncomfortable for a start. I’ve always been rather sceptical about makeovers, especially if they’re done over the counter without the artist properly studying your facial features; I’ll explain to you why.

My makeover fears

Over a couple of small projects I’ve helped out with modelling in front of the camera, I’ve had other people/makeup artists do makeup on my face. But didn’t like the way they did my brows, my eyes, or my entire face in general. So Makeovers have been quite the scare-thought for me. What if I end up looking like someone I’m completely not? But you know, that’s what the whole point of a makeover is. To show you a different side of you, you never thought you’d look like or become.

Make Up Store Paragon #beautygoals

I gave myself three simple goals for my visit. One– To learn how to create a different look. Two– To see myself transformed into another ‘me’ I’d enjoy recreating. Three– To find out about new techniques & tips to achieving my ideal look. Not so much to expect, right?

When I arrived I was warmly welcomed by their staff, the shop’s soothing ambient music, and it’s gorgeously furnishing to it’s branding skin– Trust me, I know because I studied this. Entering their store was already an experience to begin with.  And now on to the makeover…

The professional way

I was then seated in a luxurious quilt-cushion chair. The makeup artist of the day, Elly, already had most of the products prepared on the table, so while she was prepping my face and removing my existing make up, I was taking a look at them, asking her what the products were.

She briefly explained everything on their line, what their latest eyeshadow palette was all about, gave me some tips on how to make glittery eyeshadows stay on for longer hours without falling off, and more. She also took a good look at my features, studied them and asked for my preferences; Whether I’d want to have my elongated or accentuated in another way, etc..

Customising my look

Elly was very gentle on my face, making sure I was experiencing purely comfort. She also asked for my preferences before every next part of my face she moves onto; Asking me if I was okay with straighter brows for a change, if I’d like a pop of pink or purple on my lids, if I preferred a pinky or coral blush. So even though it was a makeover, I still had control. For the most part of it, it felt like Elly was customizing and creating a look she finds suitable for me. See, with that I have my fear of “makeover nightmares” resolved and removed!


When the look was completed, she set my make up with one of their refreshing setting sprays. It was one of those magical Cinderella-turns-from-rags-to-gown moments, and I gave myself a good check on the mirror; All smiley and delighted at how the look turned out. It was different from what I usually did to my face– But a good kind of different. I looked sweeter, and it put me in this happy-girl attitude, so I just kept wanting to smile.

Sweet experience

To conclude my experience Make Up Store’s Makeover, it was really nothing intimidating, very refreshing, very fun (really, it was!), and I had such a great time! Looking back at my ’Three Simple Goals’ for that night, I have achieved all three of them so easily with Elly being such a wonderful and informative Make Up Artist. I definitely learnt how to create a new and sweeter look, I would also definitely attempt to recreate it at my leisure, and certainly picked up new tricks on nailing the perfect subtle glitter-shadow look.

If you haven’t tried makeovers and time constraints are one of your bigger concerns, you’re rest assured the Make Up Artist can work to your given time frame. Elly was very experienced, fast, and wonderful at what she did for me.

Thank you so much Elly and Make Up Store for the sweet experience!


Music: Fallwind 7OOP3D

Sebelle is wearing: Flower dress from Dressabelle

Special thanks to partner Make Up Store – Paragon

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