Sebelle visits L’Espace Sante

You beauty & skincare lovers are no strangers to facials– Some of you might’ve gotten them routinely done on a monthly basis, or have at least tried one facial at some point in your life. Generally, the right facial suited to your skin can predominantly relieve dehydrated skin and you can find yourself happier with glorious, youthful, and healthy complexion. Of course, they’re also mostly relaxing and great “give-yourself-a-break”s. For the most part, they’re beneficial and great investments; Altogether with the massages and nutrients you’re giving it with your own skincare regimes.

The power of facials

You know how these things always have to be done on a regular basis in order to see the desired results? As of late, facials that produce instantly visible results have been on the rise, and most of us don’t know if it’s believable and worth the shot, or if they’re just going to be disappointing gimmicks that have results that last a day. However lucky for me, most facials I’ve done have proven their greatness and I’ve never faced the hells of breakouts of worse conditions on the aftermath.

I visited Le’Space Sante last week, hopeful to experience something relaxing and rejuvenating. My skin condition was given a good check before choosing the facial that is most suited to help me. I wouldn’t say my condition’s particularly bad or in trouble, but it’s nowhere near being flawless either, and they are plenty of things I could have them better improve on. My skin is dull, uneven from not having it taken well enough care of, and I experience occasional breakouts during the time of the month, with haunting scars that are stay behind. I wished to see clearer, healthier skin by the end of whichever facial I was going to try, and it’s recovery.

Resurfacing acid peel

The team at Le’Space Sante decided the Resurfacing with Moisturising Ampoule Facial would be the best, putting into consideration what problems I would like to have them tackle best. They also briefly explained to me what each step was made to do. It first helped to remove my dull skin, giving it it’s natural radiance and a more even complexion with Sothy’s resurfacing acid peel. I know “Acid peel” sounds harsh and painful but it was gentle, and no pain was felt at all. I was also assured that it wouldn’t bring side effects while helping to remove my dead cells. The moisturising ampoules will then help to hydrate and brighten my skin to it’s fullest potential, and while this sounds convincing, their effects can also last up to two weeks! And yes, immediate results were guaranteed, tried, and proven. 

The senior therapist who did my facial was without doubt, really experienced with her hand movements and made sure everything was soothing for me. She was also friendly and informative about whatever she was about to do on my face! The entire facial experience was really comfortable, stress-relieving, and I also fell asleep once or twice (their soothing music & dim lights will account for that :P). So.. after 1.5 hours of leaving my skin in her hands, I woke up and noticed an instant youthful glow on my skin, some scars more erased, and my skin really velvety-smooth to the touch. So yes, when they said the facial would show immediate results, they were for real. I tried to keep track of my skin condition the next few days as well and could really see a difference in how much less dull it now is compared to before, and that it absorbs my skincare products much better.

Healthy, shiny complexion

All in all, I think it’s really important that the therapists have trust in the products they use and the treatments they are using on your skin. Also of course, that they try their best to recommend a facial that is best suited to the problems you’re looking to tackle. I left Le’Space Sante really satisfied with my facial, happy with my now much healthier complexion, and I hope you experience the same!

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