Debunking 6 Common Rumours About the Spa

Some of you may be a little more seasoned than others when it comes to heading on down to the spa. For most, spas are obviously glorious havens that sit like sparkling gems in this cruel, dark and cold world, but for some they are actually a place to be feared… can you even believe it?

Whilst spa is a bit of a general term that can actually describe a lot of different things/places, but for this blog post I will be considering a blog as bit of an umbrella term for anywhere you might get a beauty or wellness treatment, often performed by another, and perhaps with a lot of clothing removed.

I think I know what’s gotten into all of these spa-phobic people you know – it’s rumours. Vicious and malicious rumours. In a serious case of chinese whispers, I think that some of this confusion (a carefully chosen word) is the product of rumours spreading like wildfire, shared by those seeking to scare people away.

Well I want to put an end to this once and for all. There is absolutely no need to be scared of a trip to the spa, and I promise that only good, glorious in fact, things happen there. I’ve gone ahead and chosen a few of the most common misconceptions about spas, and have tried to set the story straight about each one. I shall work through a consideration of where I think the rumour could come from all before shutting it down.

Spas are dirty

They aren’t actually, no. I get that a lot of you germaphobes out there probably wince at the thought of spending a time in a room that other people have not only been in frequently and recently but have probably actually been in there wearing very little clothing. I know it’s easy to visualise the worst here but it’s important to remember that all treatment rooms and equipment are being cleaned constantly, most likely after every single visitor meaning that it’s as if you are the first people to ever be in the room.

Spas are embarrassing

Aw honey angel baby sweetness, no. Everything’s okay, there’s no need to worry. For some people it can be a little nerve-wracking having to remove a few layers of clothes, and that’s absolutely no problem. I could write here a thousand reasons why you should be proud of your amazing, gorgeous body, but I hope you don’t need convincing. But either way, if you’re someone who really doesn’t like the sound of having to take their clothes off at the spa- I have two things to remind you about. 1. The specialist you are seeing doesn’t care what you look like – they have trained hard to do their job well and that’s all they really care about. These people are skilled professionals who just you to enjoy yourself. 2. Whether you’re there for a massage, a facial or even just for a quick wax, you are there to feel better about yourself, and focusing on how great you’ll soon be feeling should be enough to see you through.

Spas are awkward

Being in such close proximity to another person, whether they are directly massaging your body, or simply giving you a manicure, can make a lot of people a little anxious. Maybe you don’t like body contact, or maybe you really can’t be bothered having to drag yourself through a bit of forced small talk with a specialist. But remember you really are there on you’re own terms. So don’t be scared to let your specialist know how you’re feeling, or if you’re a little nervous, they will probably appreciate the insights so they can tailor their service better for you. And as for the chit chat – a nice top is to drop a line such as ‘I’ve been so busy, and I’ve really been looking forward to just sitting in silence for a while’ – it’s a nice non-offensive way to set the mood. You’re welcome!

Spas are expensive

This is actually one of the most frustrating rumours lies on this list and it’s because it’s the one that i can empathise with the most. Spa days and spa treatments have often been seen as a way to treat yourself, and whilst they are indeed just that, I think that people often forget about the diversity of spa treatments on offer and how cheap they can be. I mean, you can get a facial on Vaniday for around $20, with certain hair removal treatments even going below that! Take a look on our website and you’ll be surprised at just how affordable a trip to the spa can be!

Spas are invasive

Yes and no, really. Spa and beauty specialists are only as invasive as you want them to be. You really are the boss, so make sure to let them know exactly what you’re hoping to get out from your treatment. The lines are yours to draw.

Spas are amazing

Yes, correct.

So… see you at the spa, scaredy pants.

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