Reasons You Should Consider Getting Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Singapore

a woman getting a permanent laser hair removal treatment

Body hair is natural, but some people desire smooth and hairless skin. Unfortunately, most hair removal methods only offer temporary results. This is what sets permanent laser hair removal apart. It’s an FDA-approved procedure that uses high-energy laser beams to target the pigment inside hair follicles.

The heat emitted from the laser kills the existing hair and stunts the growth of other follicles. This leads to a drastic reduction in hair growth over time, with the sessions spanned over a period of 6-12 months.

So, what makes permanent laser hair removal so popular in Singapore? Here’s why you should consider getting the treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Is A Painless Process

Don’t let the thought of being exposed to a laser scare you. Permanent laser hair removal is a virtually painless process. Most patients describe it as being struck mildly (but repeatedly) by a rubber band. That’s definitely better than having your hair plucked or pulled out or scratching your skin with sharp razors!  

Most aestheticians use a cooling agent or cream to keep you comfortable during the process. Moreover, you won’t experience any painful side-effects once your session is over. Say good bye to painful hair removal methods and embrace this painless and innovative technique!

To Enjoy Long-Lasting Results

Let’s be honest; waxing and shaving every month isn’t exactly fun. It’s time-consuming, tedious, and expensive. Not to mention, these temporary hair removal methods only give you a handful of days to enjoy smooth and soft skin.

an aesthetician performing laser hair removal

Are you tired of constantly calculating your “hairless” window and planning things according to the days you can count on having smooth skin? Is the continuous waxing or shaving cycle taking its toll on your energy? It’s time to make a transformative change and opt for permanent laser hair removal.

Once you get on board with this idea, you won’t have to worry about waxing or shaving again! In just a few months (depending on how many sessions you require), you can say good bye to unwanted body hair for good. The hair that grows in between appointments will be finer and lighter, making the process even easier. Moreover, the results of permanent laser hair removal are long-lasting, which means you can enjoy being hairless for a long, long time. Oh, and did we mention all the time, money, and resources you’ll save by not getting monthly hair removal treatments anymore?

To Get Rid of Stubborn Ingrown Hair

If you’re tired of “strawberry legs”,  you’re not alone. This is a term used to describe the appearance of the skin covered with ingrown hair, thus resembling strawberry seeds. Doesn’t sound pretty, does it? Unfortunately, it’s something most individuals who wax, epilate, or shave tend to experience.

Getting rid of ingrown hair is more challenging than it seems. They’re stubborn to remove and using the wrong techniques can exacerbate their presence and growth instead of eliminating them. Moreover, ingrown hair also welcome skin irritation and infections.

a woman with smooth legs

So, how does laser hair removal help? Well, permanent laser hair removal takes care of ingrown hair once and for all. The laser stops the hair growth by targeting the follicles at their roots. It resolves ingrown hair and removes the bumps on your skin, smoothening it. There’s an extremely low chance of you experiencing ingrown hair once you opt for waxing hair removal service!

Laser Hair Removal Is Highly Effective

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t benefit from permanent laser hair removal treatment. Laser technology has advanced in the last couple of years, and aestheticians use the latest tools and equipment to administer hair removal treatments. This means that unlike a couple of years ago, you no longer have to worry about the lasers not targeting darker skin or discolouring the targeted area.

The laser hair removal technology used at medical spas today is highly effective. It’s safe for all skin colours and textures, making it the perfect option for eliminating unwanted body hair. You can discuss your hair removal options with your aesthetician for insight into potential risks to make an informed decision. That said, you’ll most enjoy your desired results without any complications like discolouration, unless stated otherwise by your consultant. It’s a win-win situation!

To Build Self-Confidence

Looks don’t define a person, but how they perceive themselves certainly plays an important role in building self-confidence. For many women, permanent hair removal is the perfect way to feel more secure about the way they look. It boosts their beauty self-esteem and allows them to feel more confident in their skin. The treatment provides them with hairless skin, encouraging them to wear all their favourite outfits without being conscious of razor burns, stubbles, ingrown hair, or hair growth on their body.

Haven’t mustered the confidence to wear that summer dress you bought last season? It’s time to change that! Once you’ve completed your laser hair removal sessions, you’ll have the skin you’ve always wanted and wouldn’t have to worry about unwanted hair growth for a long time. In other words, you can rock your outfits and act like your authentic self without being insecure or feeling low on confidence about your appearance. It’s as simple as that!

a woman flaunting her smooth skin

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