Benefits of Organic Facials for Your Skin

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Not all facials are made equal. There’s a reason why people are starting to hop onto the organic facial bandwagon. Here are just 4 of the benefits organic facials offer, and where you should go for your next appointment.

Benefits of organic facials

It’s gentler on your skin

Organic facials don’t use any machines, relying only on the skilled hands of the therapist. While machines may be more effective in deep cleansing, they also result in your skin becoming more sensitive over time.

It’s chemical-free

Organic products are made free of chemicals and skin irritants. What this means is that it’s completely plant-based, with nothing made from the lab. The products won’t clog pores, and it’s great news for those with sensitive skin!

It doesn’t have extractions

Dread extractions? There’s nothing worse than your skin looking angry and red right after an extraction. Extractions can cause broken capillaries on the skin, as well as add further stress to your skin. Organic facials skip this; instead, it relies on natural products to cleans the pores and draw the gunk out.

It goes more than skin deep

Rather than focusing on external problems such as blemishes and blackheads, organic facials aim to nourish the skin from within. The gentle massages work the goodness on the products into your skin. You may not see the results immediately, but in the long run, you’re sure to notice an overall improvement in your skin and skin condition!

Check out these salons for organic facials in Singapore

The Organic Room SG

Here at The Organic Room SG, all sessions are strictly by appointment-only, in order to ensure each individual is given their utmost attention. All facials are extraction-free and massage-based, keeping true to the nature of organic facials. Using only cruelty-free, safe and organic certified ingredients, the experience will be tailored to your needs. A Sensitive Acne Facial costs just $78 (U.P. $88) during their Happy Hour on Mondays to Thursdays, or go for the Organic Ageless Beauty, priced at $128 (U.P. $350) for the first trial.

Book The Organic Room SG on Vaniday, and get 10% cashback on your next booking.

Nourish Naturally

Dedicating themselves to the pursuit of natural skin care, Nourish Naturally aims to provide an experience that will rejuvenate all the senses. Try the Sukispa Signature Facial Therapy, and let the experienced hands of the therapists work their magic on your skin. Tired skin bogged down by city life? Opt for the Maria Galland Cocoon Anti Stress Treatment at $134.40 (U.P. $168) to soothe your mind and your skin!

Book Nourish Naturally on Vaniday.


Manufactured in Australia, Origani is here to deliver the highest quality organic skincare product that produces exceptional results. A luxury organic skincare brand that is made of pure, natural and organic ingredients there’s no added synthetic ingredients and they are animal cruelty-free! Opt for an organic facial and your skin will thank you. If it’s your first time, try the nourishing Manuka Honey Facial at $38 (U.P. $200)!

Book Origani on Vaniday.

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