Mushroom Blonde Hair: Why You Need It This Winter

woman with blonde hair.

Winter is coming, and if you’re thinking of changing your hair color for the upcoming seasons, darker shades immediately come to mind. However, changing their hair color to something darker for blondes can be challenging. The good news is you can get the best of both worlds with the new mushroom blonde color that’s currently hot on the internet.

Mushroom blonde is the perfect balance of light and dark and will make you look chic during the winter months. Head to a premium hair salon in Singapore to get your new mushroom blonde look that helps you stand out from the crowd. The good thing is that you can play around with the color to get an amazing look.

Here are some variations of mushroom blonde hair, the new internet sensation currently sweeping salons all across the globe.

Multi-Dimensional Mushroom

You can opt for a multi-dimensional mushroom blonde with the perfect blend of ash brown lowlights and cool blonde highlights. This perfect combination will have you itching to go to your nearby salon immediately and get the shade. This bright mushroom blonde will be your perfect companion for the upcoming winter.

woman with blonde hair.

Dirty and Cool Blonde

Add some spice to your blonde tone with another multi-dimensional look. Add a bit of ash color to your perfect blonde hair, and you’d be turning heads this winter. This is anything but boring. Head to a nearby salon to see if you can sport this amazing look.

Ash seems to be the perfect color to go with your blondes this winter, and having a cool shade can be a great way to kickstart the winter season. You can keep things pretty and bright with light blonde hair strokes around the face.

Metallic Mushroom

You can opt for a metallic mushroom color if you want something extraordinary. You can add a bit of metallic glow to your hair with some contrasting strokes of silvery blonde. Add ashy lowlights to give your hair a bit of earthy hue, which is perfect for the upcoming winter season.

Ash Blonde Ombre

You can go for the Ash Blonde Ombre, a perfect mixture of a perfect blond shade with deep mocha roots. The color doesn’t require high maintenance and can be perfect for both blondes and brunettes.

a woman smiling.

Cool Champagne

This color is something that you might be seeing a lot this summer. It is definitely worth toasting! This lived-in look is perfect for those who don’t want to head outdoors and want a low-maintenance style while looking good this winter.

Blonde Babylights

If you want to look blonde without being too obvious, you can go with the blonde Babylights. It is perfect for those who have a cool-toned or fair skin tone. The neutral-to-ashy blonde will provide you with a more natural look than perhaps other tones, such as honey blondes.

Icy Blondes

Icy blondes will perfectly resemble the upcoming winter season. This icy rendition of the mushroom blonde color is perfect for every occasion, and you can even sport it year-round. This colour will suit all hairstyles, whether you have short or long hair. Get this color today to prepare yourself for the coming season.

Toasty Mushroom

Winters are all about steaming hot cups of coffee, sweaters, and cozy blankets. You can fire up the winter season with a toasty mushroom hair color. This will work amazingly if your hair already has a warm base color. The look will feel cozy and fresh, just like ash-colored blondes.

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