Men, Here are 6 Tips to Improve Your Style This Chinese New Year

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Dear men, improving your style does not have to be expensive or complicated. You do not have to go to a store and buy a bunch of new clothes or a pair of new shoes every month, just to be a stylish guy. A lot of guys have in their wardrobes so many pieces that they never wear. And, they may feel that most of these clothes don’t fit properly even if they wear them. Most guys have too many colours in their closet but they do not know how to combine them to reflect their own style perfectly.

Here we have a few key style tips for men that will help complete your wardrobe and take your style to the next level!

Size down

One of the most common mistakes that men make in styling is wearing clothes that do not fit and flatter. Most guys are wearing clothes that are too big for them. Remember that time when your mum used to buy you so baggy clothes. It was less of style move, more your mum making sure you could wear them for years. Try to size down and enjoy clothes that were designed slim and flattering. 

Choose less colourful clothes

There is nothing wrong with combining multiple colours when it comes to creating your personal style. But sometimes guys wear colourful pieces because they do not know what else to wear. Brighten and colourful pieces are hard to combine and usually, it is very easy to mess it up. Make sure that bright and vibrant colours look good with your skin tone. If you do not know how to combine colours, choose more natural colours like brown, cream, khaki, black or grey. These colours are easier to combine with each other and they look good when you wear a single solid shade.

Choose to wear fewer patterns

Combining patterns can be even more challenging than combining colours. Patterns make it harder to combine clothes with each other. If you do not know how to combine them, go for one pattern per outfit. 

Get used to going to a tailor

You can get the right size when shopping for clothes but sometimes new pieces need some alterations to fit better. A good tailor can be a game changer for you to look stylish and cool.

Choose the right shoes

Shoes are important pieces of your style. You need to combine right shoes with right outfit. You do not have to wear fancy shoes all the time but you just need to choose the right shoes for the occasion. If you like wearing comfortable shoes, choose to wear clean and simple sneakers that you can combine with jeans or casual pants.

Complete your outfits with accessories

You can give a stylish look even to simple outfits with sunglasses, watches or bracelets. Get a snazzy haircut to jazz up your overall look — here are some barbershops to check out.

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