Manicures: The Latest Trend Updates

2016 is shaping up to be quite the year for nails. Sorry, maybe that was a little too early in the post for a nail-pun? It’s just hard being this sharp…. okay i’m done. In all seriousness, there are some amazing nail trends setting the manicure world ablaze this year and we’ve only just seen off the first month of the year! Fashion weeks around the world have seen some new and exciting nail styles that really are something to marvel at. Milan, London, New York and Paris are all set to have some jaw-dropping nails and we’ve gone ahead and shortlisted some of the most exciting (and bizarre) trends this year.

Here in Australia we have a long history of stand out nails, and having a good manicure has always been important to us. We have always been ahead of the crowd and never been afraid to try something new, and so if you’re looking for your next nail design, take a look at these interesting options! Manicure or pedicure, these are sure to make you stand out.

Broken Glass Nails
Broken glass nails may actually be changing the world. They look amazing. Don’t be scared, they don’t actually involve sticking shards of broken glass onto the ends of your fingers, if fact they aren’t actually made from glass at all. Sorry if you feel tricked but you’ll forgive us when you see the results. A trend originating from Seoul in South Korea, broken glass nails creator took inspiration from the pearlescent shell of a sea snail. A technique was then created to mimic this involving the application of cut up strips of cellophane onto the nails.

Single Dots
Maybe the word ‘dots’ might not start a fire of excitement within you BUT we implore you to hear us out. Minimalist dots are really in fashion right now, last year they were a hot new look under the eye but now they’ve escaped and found refuge on our nails! Just one simple dot on each nail is a artistic yet understated way to draw attention to your look. Achieving a perfect circle can be a bit of a challenge on your own, so maybe best to find something that could make a good stamp.

Now you’re nails can match your Fosters. Cool and frosted, just want you want in summertime right. Frosted nails are an amazing way to get that soft yet creative look, perfect for both work and a night out! The translucent effect is perfect for those proud of their natural nail shape and condition and wants to show it off. Frosted nails are the application of a faint and iridescent polish that softly reflects light. They are super cute and we love them.

From Sally Hansen to Essie, line nail art is making a serious impression this year. Line nail design is really just the application of straight and neat lines to your nails going from one side to the other, whether horizontal or vertical. It is a precise art so a steady hand it a must, so this might be one left best to a professional. Thin lines of tape are really helpful to making sure the lines are kept tight, and there are even some specific nail tape products out there to help. They’re understated but really awesome.

Aqua or Aquarium Nails
Where some of the trends in this post are quiet and discrete, Aqua nails are NOT cut from that same cloth. You probably thought you’ve heard it all when it comes to nail art but we are here to tell you that you’re wrong. Aqua nails are thick, three dimensional nails that are actually layered nails that create a tiny little space which can be filled with glitter liquid. Yes that’s right – you can have nails filled with glitter. Too much for some maybe, but you can’t deny that they’re an amazing conversation starter. You can’t deny they’re fun though!

Painter Decorator Nails
If somebody told you that they wanted their nails to look like a painter or decorator you would probably recoil in horror and have a head filled with visions of cracked, blackened and quite messed up finger nails just like that guy who came to do your wallpaper – but fear not, as this style is all about style and presentation! Just a few, messy brushes of a colour at the ends of your nails are a really trendy way to add some interest to your nails.

So what do you think? Some of them are pretty out there right, but remember you only live once, and there’s no time like the present to try something new.  Get your claws out Australia!