Lip Embroidery: Here’s All You Need to Know

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We’ve covered other semi-permanent makeup trends, from eyelash extensions to eyebrow embroidery. With the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing lipstick has become an absolute hassle. For one, excessive use of makeup under the mask has lead to mascne. However, if you don’t want to leave the house with pale lips, there’s an easy solution — lip embroidery. Here’s all you need to know about it.

What is lip embroidery?

Lip embroidery is a form of semi-permanent makeup. The aim is to enhance the shape and colour of your lips. Accentuating your lips makes them look fuller, younger, and more symmetrical. Among other names, it is also known as “lip micro-pigmentation”, “lip micro-blading”, and “lip blush”. However, they are all the same procedure and entail the same process of inserting pigment into the skin.

Who is lip embroidery suitable for?

Lip embroidery is suitable for anyone looking to define and enhance their lips with colour. If you have unbalanced lips, you may also want to consider lip embroidery. However, it may be less effective in those who experience hyperpigmentation or those with blue or purple lips.

How does lip embroidery work?

Before anything, your lip artist will discuss what your preferred shape would be, as well as recommend colours based on your skin tone. Afterwards, the outline will be drawn out with a pencil, making adjustments along the way if needed. When the shape is confirmed, it’s time to begin the process. A needle-like blade will be used to make small cuts in the topmost layer of the skin, where the pigment will be applied.

Is lip embroidery painful?

Lip embroidery is not painful, but may cause slight discomfort when the incisions are made in the skin. Topical anaesthetics are applied before the procedure, so no need to worry! However, your lips may be swollen for a few days after the procedure. It is important to follow the proper aftercare advised by your lip artist to avoid any flare-ups or infections.

How long does lip embroidery last?

Eyebrow embroidery can last anywhere between 1–2 years, depending on the type of pigments used.

Where can I get lip embroidery done?

With the rising popularity of semi-permanent makeup in Singapore, lip embroidery is easily available at most semi-permanent makeup studios. However, while it is a relatively safe procedure, you don’t want to go just anywhere for it. For one, the blades need to be sanitised properly, or you’d be at risk of infection. In a time like this, you’d definitely want to fork out a little for to guarantee your safety. Also, the lip artist should be a certified and experienced one — you certainly wouldn’t want to go 2 years with wonky lips!

Beauty Recipe Aesthetics
Beauty Recipe Aesthetics | Lip Embroidery |

As one of the pioneers in the semi-permanent makeup scene in Singapore, the Lip Blushing Embroidery ($288) at Beauty Recipe Aesthetics gets a yes from us. Plus, their therapists and trainers are always updated with the latest trends in Korea, so there’s definitely no outdated styles here. They even have training courses for those looking to get versed in the semi-permanent makeup scene, so you can be sure that they know what they are doing!

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Skosk Beautique
Skosk Beautique | Lip Embroidery |

Skosk Beautique, located in NUS UTown, is a one-stop hub for all things beauty. Founded by Khim Ong in 2014, they boast an extensive selection of services from nails, facials and eyelash extensions, all under one roof. At $580, the Semi-permanent Lips Embroidery is not cheap, but make no mistake — they don’t compromise on quality here. With a wealth of experience, Khim and her team will make sure you walk away happy and feeling like a million bucks!

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Lee Na Young Aesthetic & Academy – Club Street
Lee Na Young Aesthetic & Academy - Club Street | Lip Embroidery |

Where better to get this service than at its roots — a Korean salon? Lee Na Young Aesthetics & Academy is the first in Singapore to provide Korean beauticians and beauty consultations. Following the latest trends in beauty care and treatments, its experienced and well-trained professionals strive to deliver hygienic, quality, and prompt service. The Korean Style Lips Embroidery By Korean Aesthetician (2 Sessions) ($1088) may be a little pricey, but the results are guaranteed to be fabulous.

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