Laser Hair Removal at Supersmooth with Michelle Tan

Supersmooth calls itself a “hair removal beauty spa” and prides itself on offering highly effective laser hair removal services for nearly any part you can think of that may have unwanted hair. Vaniday followed beauty and fitness influencer Michelle Tan (@mirchelley) for her first Laser Hair Removal (LHR).

Being a very active person that works out nearly every day and busy days, Michelle was very interested in getting a full body IPL because who has time for shaving and waxing when you’re in a rush? But she wasn’t familiar with LHR. Hearing that she was interested in full body hair removal due to her busy and active lifestyle, Supersmooth recommended her to get laser hair removal in the latest technology as it was more efficient and effective than IPL treatments.

What sets Supersmooth apart is its use of the latest technology—using laser diodes that operate on a wavelength that skips the skin and goes straight for the hair roots. This procedure is highly effective in removing fine hair follicles you may not notice compared to IPL procedures. Laser hair removal can be performed on any areas where unwanted hair is found, which includes the underarms, bikini line and legs. The procedure is suitable for all skin tones and on sensitive skin, another advantage it has over IPL.

One of the best parts was also how quick the entire procedure is, with absolutely no down time. Waxing, for example, could possibly have downtime for people with sensitive skin by causing redness and sensitivity. It lasts only for a short while before hair starts growing back.

So for those who want to make the move to more permanent forms of hair removal could pop by conveniently located Supersmooth in Tanjong Pagar during lunchtime to get LHR on certain parts of their body and continue their day as normal.

To guarantee satisfaction and get the most of what they’re paying for, Supersmooth also offers a 3-year warranty in case of any sudden hair flare ups. Pregnancy and hormonal changes can all cause unwanted hair flare ups and Supersmooth has anticipated this. They understand that customers are hesitant to commit to doing laser hair removal because they don’t know how many sessions they need to guarantee smooth, hairless skin. This 3-year warranty therefore gives customers an assurance that they will get their money’s worth of hair removal in case of any erratic flare ups.

With a team of experienced therapists, Supersmooth takes pride in their top-notch customer service. “Great service and client safety always comes first, all else comes after. We handle all clients feedback personally because poor service just sucks,” says Chris Soh, founder of Supersmooth.

For those with other post hair removal concerns or still hesitant to make the financial commitment to LHR, Supersmooth’s bevy of services also includes traditional waxing services and aftercare skin treatments that address ingrown hairs, razor shade and strawberry skin textures.


144 Robinson Road – #02-01, Robinson Square
Tanjong Pagar, 068908, Singapore

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