Julia Visits: Scissors Art

Can hardly believe it’s already August – 2018 has flown by way too quickly and for those who’ve been following Vaniday’s blog since a while ago or chanced upon my earlier posts, this month would mark the first anniversary since I’ve started work!

In today’s post I’ll be bringing you behind the scenes of a setting perm I did with Scissors Art, a creative boutique salon along Joo Chiat Road.

As expected from Vaniday, every salon they introduce me to has never been lacking in terms of ambience and Scissors Art was no different – in fact, their interior décor was one of the most memorable ones I’ve seen. Some salons you would call sophisticated, some you would even call luxurious, but Scissors Art’s décor can probably best be described as quirky, and a fusion of several different styles. Perhaps I can venture to say it’s inspired by the look and feel of Japanese salons, with a dash of Orientalism and a side of Vintage. See what I mean with the three different sections of the salon:

Here’s me happily settled in to and discussing the style of perm I wanted with my stylist.

My top priorities as usual, were elegant, relaxed styles suitable for the office, that required little upkeep and maintenance. The team got right down to work once we settled on the Setting Perm (other textures include Wave Perm, Spiral Perm, J Perm, C Perm and S Perm, so you’re pretty much spoilt for choice. You can show your stylist inspiration pics of how you want the final result to look like, if it helps )

In addition to the setting perm for the main body, my hairdo further included, at my stylist’s recommendation: a root perm for greater volume at the crown and a Dyna-Mucota treatment to ensure my curls looked glossy and healthy after the perm (which would inevitably exert some stress on the hair).

After 3 hours of his hard work and my hair being hooked up to a bunch of machines, these are the curls I ended with – and with super soft texture to boot!

Huge thanks to Scissors Art for not rushing through the process despite my appointment inching beyond their closing time and giving my hair the best possible care throughout the entire treatment!

I was told that these curls would last for 5-6 months with proper care; love how they frame my face and give me a softer look overall, so I’ll be sure to apply hair serum and heat protectant religiously!
Till next time!


Scissors Art – Joo Chiat
318 Joo Chiat Road
Katong, 427569, Singapore

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