Julia Visits: Covo Singapore Katong

Vanigirl Julia Lim was in need of some tender loving care for her hair. Premium Japanese salon Covo Singapore was here to help her out with their amazing Tokio Inkarami treatment and even more amazing service. 

The past few months have been a whirl, and taking on new responsibilities at work has meant that I’ve been neglecting my salon visits for a bit! I finally found some time last Sunday morning to get my hair fixed and as always, the trusty Vaniday team already had a great salon in mind that they wanted to recommend to me.

So yes, I finally got down to fixing my hair and this time, at a Japanese salon located on the bustling East Coast Road/Katong stretch – COVO Singapore. Before I dive into my experience there, let me show you guys how my hair looked pre-treatment … roots showing, split ends, and overall in a very, very dry condition. What a state, right?

Kei, a senior stylist at COVO, was assigned to be my stylist for the day and he recommended a Tokio Inkarami treatment for me right before the dye job so my hair would be strong enough to take the colouring, which we all know can be sometime rather harsh on our scalp and roots.

We also carefully went through a suitable colour choice for my new hair – I wanted a colour that first and foremost, exuded confidence and professionalism while also not completely bland and single-toned. While the picture below shows us in what looks like a super serious discussion, Kei was completely jovial and easy to talk to over the 3 hours I was getting my hair done by him – and he really provided the best kind of service, where meeting your stylist feels like getting to know a lovely new friend. He’s also really experienced and professional, with more than 10 years in the hairdressing industry under his belt.

We decided on a neutral brown shade this time round, with tones of violet ash thrown into the mix, as I mentioned I’ve always wanted to jump on the Ashy hair trend bandwagon but wasn’t ever sure if it would suit me.

A couple washes and a few hours later, we were done and I couldn’t be more pleased with the resulting colour. In reality, the ash tones are a tad bit more obvious than they appear here, and it’s a pity but the camera that day didn’t quite manage to capture how the tones create movement in my hair when they catch the light!

Also, trust me when I say the treatment has made my hair a whole lot more manageable – no more anti-frizz hair oils in my morning regime anymore, and I’m writing this a full week post-treatment so it’s not just a haircare treatment that merely provides short-term results either.

Thank you so much Kei, I’ll be back again soon to try out something different at COVO soon enough! If you prefer having your hair done in the CBD area, visit the outlet at Keong Saik Road and head for a chill night out with good food and drinks in the area right after.

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