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In the next round of our Inspirational Series, we have Jessie, the founder, and owner of Beauty Recipe Aesthetics & Academy. Besides training under her mum for 20 years, she was directly coached and mentored by Branko Babic, founder and CEO of Phibrows Training Academy! With 15 years in the industry, Jessie is not only a certified adult educator but also an internationally-accredited beauty educator.

What does a typical day in her busy life look like? Her working hours are spent working at Beauty Recipe Aesthetics & Academy, beautifying clients and imparting skills to students from all walks of life. After work, her role is switched to one of motherhood, and she spends evenings with her son.

Jessie performing treatment on a client

Beauty Recipe Aesthetics & Academy is a multi-award-winning beauty provider and training school. The origin of the name “Beauty Recipe” comes from the culinary namesake. Jessie believes that the perfect recipe with the best ingredients produces amazing results. She strongly advocates that beauty is for everyone, and strives to become the best beauty provider and training academy to customers and students worldwide.

Every entrepreneur would have had their fair share of adversity, and Jessie is no different. Numerous challenges in both her personal life and in her business arose throughout the years. This included having to take on a business loan after a vendor disappeared with her payments. She also experienced substantial loss when her overseas business expansion plans failed. It may be cliché, but the most important thing is to not be afraid to fail and never give up. A spiritual life helps too — for her, God is a great source of comfort. Realising her strength alone is insufficient, relying on Him has helped to keep her spirits up and strive to keep going no matter what.

Jessie’s mum, also a beautician, who inspired her to become start up her own salon

Beauty has always been her passion and life since she was a little girl, and she has her mum to thank for that! A beautician of her own right, her love for taking care of and beautifying her clients was passed on to Jessie. This inspired her to set up her a beauty business of her own. Despite being from a single-parent household, her mom brought her up to the best of her abilities. A hardworking woman who works every single day without fail, she always goes the extra mile for all her customers. Talk about a powerful influence! Her commitment to her customers inspired Jessie to want to provide the best services for her customers as well in her business.

Nonetheless, being an entrepreneur involves a lot of hard work! However, through this, Jessie has also found much fulfilment in life. From a humble home-based salon 16 years ago, she never imagined Beauty Recipe growing into what it is today. Now, as an international beauty academy, it gives her an avenue to touch thousands of peoples’ lives. One of the most rewarding parts of it was that because this is what she loved to do, it didn’t feel like work at all!

She lives by Walt Disney’s famous quote, “All our dreams can come true; if we have the courage to pursue them”. In the same way, she encourages first-time entrepreneurs to never be afraid of failure. Instead, be prepared to have a huge learning curve. Aim to learn as many lessons as you can throughout the journey. Consciously focus on the end goal — starting a business is not always about the money! By constantly improving yourself and striving to nurture your skills to the best of your ability, the payoff will come eventually.

6D Eyebrow Embroidery at Beauty Recipe

6D Eyebrow Embroidery is a technique of micro-blading eyebrows, mimicking the natural growth of hair. Using a much finer blade as compared to traditional 3D eyebrow embroidery makes the process less painful. No more waking up early to draw your brows!

Beauty Recipe Founder
Beauty Recipe Founder, Jessie, with her mother

Beauty Recipe Aesthetics & Academy is an award-winning, internationally-accredited salon & school with 40 years of experience, over 100,000 satisfied clients, and has trained over 3000 students. If you’re looking to get Semi-Permanent Makeup done, there’s no better place to do it than here. Book through Vaniday for 10% cashback on your next visit!


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