Japanese Salons in Singapore: Where to Experience ‘Ometenashi’ Service

Japanese salons in singapore

Japanese salons are very popular both in Japan and abroad, and are known for their high-quality cuts and exemplary service. They have become a new focus of attention with their qualities and unique approach to beauty business, which is unprecedented in the beauty and grooming industry.

Getting your hair or skin care done in Japanese salons does not mean just a quick fix. Instead, it’s a complete experience you may need to witness to believe. They will be willing to go the extra mile to make sure that you are taken care of. Japanese hair stylists are always willing to help you get what exactly you want. They ask specific questions before and during the cut and afterwards, your stylist gives you personalised styling and hair care tips.

We have been talking all about hair services until now, but the Japanese know what they are doing when it comes to skin as well. The Japanese skin care philosophy which is called immune beauty. This skin care philosophy is based on the concept of restoring your skin’s inherent immune power without excessive use of cosmetics. Japanese skin care has a reputation for making Japanese women look like they just graduated from high school, even though they’re already into their mid-forties. There are several factors that play into this beauty phenomenon. In most areas, the Japanese naturalistic approach to maintaining beauty might be the core component!

If you are ready to get your very first experience in a Japanese salons in Singapore, here is our ultimate guide to help you discover the best in the city.

Lily Head & Hair Spa by Barber 25

Lily Head & Hair Spa is a Japanese Spa specialising in hair and scalp treatments. They use high-quality products made in Japan. It is one of the best places you can experience an authentic Japanese head spa. Their therapists are very friendly and skilled professionals. They have a signature Cream Bath head spa which can be the best way to pamper yourself after a busy week. You have an option to get a customised treatment while you are resting in a calming private room. They have also organic hair and scalp treatments for which they use high-quality vegetable supplements from Japan, made specially for scalp and hair.

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Queen’s Market

Queen’s Market is managed by the director who used to produce 4 brands in Tokyo. When you step in you will find yourself in a shop atmosphere that feels like home. They have many service offerings including skin treatments, body therapy, eyelash extension, nail services and more. They have a skin treatment called Lymphatic Facial massage. This is a gentle and relaxing procedure done solely by hands from neck to shoulder to improve circulation. It helps in reducing swelling and tension! It leads to brighter, tighter and smooth skin. If you are looking for a treatment to rejuvenate your skin, Deep Therapy Facial is one of your endless options in Queen’s Market. Your therapist uses botanical powder to stimulate your cells to heal your skin. This facial helps you regain or maintain a youthful skin by reducing mature skin problems such as sagging skin, wrinkles, open pores and pimples.

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Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA

Hair Salon Tokyo MICHAELA’s hairstylists define their ultimate goal as creating the ideal hairstyles for their customers by focusing on customer’s hair matters such as bounce, dryness, greasiness and smell. They focus on improving the health condition of the hair and scalp. They specialise in techniques, treatments, and spas that do not damage the hair. The hairstylists have prior experiences of working in fashion photoshoots for international magazines and various hairdressing competitions. They have many services including haircut and styling, hair and scalp treatments, head spa, colouring, perm, instant teeth whitening and more. At Michaela, they use only purified water that is free from harmful minerals to eliminate hazardous substances that damage the hair. They have an in-house waiting room for kids to help busy moms with their beauty endeavours.

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LUA Eyelash & Beauty Salon

LUA Eyelash & Beauty Salon is an eyelash and slimming salon from Japan. It is the first salon in Singapore to provide the Hyper Knife service. What is Hyper Knife? It is a pain-free, warm and comfortable slimming service. Hyper Knife is a machine from Japan and it is able to heat fat quickly with radio waves. It is applied to eject waste, fat and cellulite to remove it out of the body. LUA is also known for their eyelash extension services with various options such as upward technique and lower lash. Choose from options such as light, natural and full!

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