Is Semi-Permanent Makeup Worth It? Let’s Talk About It

Are you tired of constantly putting on makeup to elevate the look of your eyebrows or lashers? Well, you’re in for a treat, as there are cosmetic solutions available that can give your natural beauty a well-deserved boost. Semi-permanent makeup is gaining rave reviews and is become quite popular amongst beauty enthusiasts.

While some still argue about the efficacy of semi-permanent makeup and continue to look for beauty salons in Singapore for their frequent visits, others have become strong advocates of the procedure. Let’s have a look at whether semi-permanent makeup is worth it or not.

Understanding Semi-Permanent Makeup

Semi-permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure that involves using pharmaceutical-grade pigments to give long-lasting results and blends in with your natural skin tone and appearance. Cosmetic service providers will assess your features and recommend you solutions accordingly. These experts are well-versed in these procedures and will carefully enhance the natural look of your face.

Why Get Semi-Permanent Makeup?

While many argue about the efficacy of such a procedure, there are various benefits of getting semi-permanent makeup. The procedure will take years off your face, which will make you look your youthful self and give you confidence in every avenue of your life.

Various beauty salons offer such services, and they employ various techniques such as the 3D hair simulation technique that will remove any patchy hair growth areas or scars on your eyebrows. You can instantly get an improved brow shape, and your definition will stand out.

Semi-permanent makeup will enable you to look your best at any time of the day. You don’t have to spend a lot of time getting the perfect look as you’ve already had one! Traditional brow fixing processes such as waxing and tweezing can affect the quality of your look. Getting a semi-permanent makeup procedure means less waxing and tweezing.

a person applying makeup.

You’ll save a lot of time and the frustration that comes with not doing the process right. Also, you’d save thousands of dollars on parlor visits. It’s a win-win situation!

Common Semi-Permanent Makeup Related FAQs

Getting a semi-makeup procedure done is a major decision. Naturally, you’d have a million questions before getting the procedure done. Let’s take a look at some the answers to some common questions that you might have in mind when getting the procedure.

Now the first question that props to mind is whether you need to carry out any maintenance procedure or follow up appointments for your semi-permanent makeup. The short answer is yes, you still have to maintain your eyebrows after the procedure. You’d have to visit the salon to get your hair removed and you might need to darken the pigment if required.

a lady with makeup.

The next question you might have in mind is whether the process is painful or not. It depends upon the individual really. Most don’t find the procedure painful at all. Your technician might also use numbing cream on the area to avoid any irritation or discomfort.

Another question you might have before the procedure is the cost involved. Now, this also depends on the type of procedure you’re considering getting and the salon performing the semi-makeup technique. The cost can also vary based on the location. The onus is on you to do your homework and find a salon that is cost-effective and offers the very best services.

Is Cosmetic Semi-Permanent Makeup Here to Stay?

Social media is currently full of people sharing their experiences of the semi-permanent makeup procedure. The hashtags #permanentmakeup, #semipermanentmakeup and #micropigmentation makes you realize that this cosmetic procedure is experiencing a bit of a renaissance.

Treatments such as micro feathering, lip blushes, micro blading and others are becoming quite popular amongst today’s generation. They are concerned about spending a lot of time in applying make-up and other procedures to get ready. Make-up enthusiasts are justifying the process by saying that it offers the most natural-looking results and you only have to visit the salon once to get the procedure done.

a set of makeup brushes.

While there are people who argue about the efficacy of the process, the improvement in techniques, tools and the inks used in the process can’t be ignored. The skillsets of artists and beauty technicians have also improved which helps people make their semi-permanent makeup decisions.

The latest techniques involved in the lashes, brows, lips and beauty spots uplifting has encouraged people to consider semi-permanent makeup. The cosmetic make-up industry is undergoing a bit of a revolution as semi-makeup procedures are helping people alter the color or shape of their features every 12 to 18 months. They are proving to be much better than permanent make-up which can be hard to remove.

Having said that, it is absolutely essential to consult with a semi-makeup procedure expert if you plan to undergo the process. Don’t settle for rookie make-up artists as they can end up doing more harm than good. A professional salon and an experience make-up artist will gauge your existing skin condition and recommend personalized solutions that offer you the best results. Don’t settle for substandard products or salons as they can prove to be harmful to your skin.

Finding Salons for Semi-Makeup Procedure

So now that you have decided to get a semi-permanent makeup procedure, it is time to look for the best salon in singapore for the treatment. If you’re on the lookout for one, head over to Vaniday. The all-inclusive beauty platform will guide you to some of the best salons in the region. You can also buy online skin care products and grooming products through their site.

They have established themselves as one of the best semi-makeup procedure specialists in Singapore. They have professionals who knows the ins and outs of the procedure and can guide you accordingly. Check out their website for more information.

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