Inspirational Series: Interview with June Kwek – Founder of June Skin Care

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For more than 20 years, June has been helping people treat their skin conditions with the right products and treatments. Her expertise in both the personal care industry and interior design has helped her create a calming and serene atmosphere for her customers at June Skincare in Toa Payoh.

In the personal care industry, June is the founder of June Skincare in Toa Payoh. She performs facial treatments for those who have facial skin conditions and provides guidance and product suggestions to treat her customers’ skin. She is experienced not just in the personal care industry but also has a keen eye for design in the salon’s interior. Her salon’s interiors emphasize clean, angular lines and stunning shapes; it gives off a calm and serene atmosphere once you step in.

Her Inspiration

June Skincare is a dream came true for owner June. When she was 17 years old when her sister took her to a beauty talk, which was how she first became aware of the beauty industry. Since then, the visit has awakened her interest in the beauty industry and she began working hard to make her salon of dreams a reality.

June started by enrolling in courses and joining renowned salons to gain more experiences. She eventually opened her own salon, June Skin Care which is well liked by her customers with almost perfect reviews on various platforms.

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June Skin Care: Vaniday Heartland Beauty & Wellness Award!

June Skin Care is also one of the recipients for our Vaniday Heartland Beauty and Wellness Award 2023. Its friendly and holistic beauty treatments won praises and recommendations from many of their customers and our readers.

The Entrepreneurship Journey 

A lot of hardwork was put in to realize her dreams with June’s team of experience beauticians. She spent a lot of time to research and experiment different types of face treatments and products that can give effective results that are lasting. She tried many products to find the right ones that is suitable for Asian skin which provides lasting results quickly, and she came out with her own product line Rejuvenez.

The Rejuvenez product line has been designed for all skin types to achieve visible results quickly and effectively. The products are made of natural ingredients and have been tested for their effectiveness and safety. The product line offers a variety of different products such as masks, serums, creams, lotions, and cleansers that have been designed for specific purposes such as anti-aging or skin renewal; each is targeted at a specific problem area such as wrinkles or acne scars.

Cellular Moisturising Treatment is a specialty treatment offered by June Skincare. It is an ultrasound procedure that helps to tighten, lift, and firm your skin. This treatment penetrates deeply into the skin by using non-invasive ultrasound energy. It is important to penetrate the skin’s layers deeply because by doing so, it will help your skin to produce new collagen. For a thorough deep cleaning of your face, the treatment also includes exfoliation. For the best results, the treatment is finished with a hydrating mask and moisturizing serum.

This treatment is ideal for those who want their skin to look younger and more vibrant. The non-invasive ultrasound energy helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, reduces inflammation and edema (swelling), stimulates collagen production, reduces pore size, tightens sagging skin on the face and neck area, firms loose jowls around the jaw line as well as loose skin on the neck area; all this without any downtime! This treatment has been proven effective in helping patients achieve their desired results in just one session with no side effects like pain or bruising afterwards.

June Skin Care brings you the Rejuvenez collection of skin care products, designed specifically for a wide range of skin types.

Whether it’s for persons with aged skin, dry skin, acne-prone skin, oily skin or just those searching for a high-quality product to maintain their skin’s condition on a daily basis.

The brand features six types of products including cleanser, booster, serum, cream, booster cream and age lock peptide intensive.

Why the heartland 

June Skincare has been a popular salon in Toa Payoh for many years. The salon is conveniently located near the MRT, and it’s only a 3-minute walk from the station.

June decided to locate her salon here because of Toa Payoh’s central location and convenience access from the MRT and bus interchanges. She has been in Toa Payoh for many years and has built a pool of regular customers who have been recommending June Skincare to their friends and family.

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