In the Chair: Salon Pros Discuss Makeup Trends and Techniques

    Makeup has long been revered as a transformative tool, allowing individuals to express themselves creatively while enhancing their natural beauty. The world of cosmetics is a dynamic realm that constantly evolves with new techniques, styles, and trends, providing an ever-expanding canvas for exploration and self-expression.

    In today’s beauty landscape, staying updated with the latest tips and trends in makeup is key to mastering the art. Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or a professional artist, understanding these nuances can elevate your skills and keep your looks fresh and captivating.

    1. Embracing Skin-Centric Makeup

    Recent trends have spotlighted a shift toward emphasizing natural beauty and skincare as the foundation of makeup. The ‘no-makeup’ makeup look has gained popularity, focusing on enhancing the skin’s natural radiance by prioritizing skincare routines and using lightweight, skin-like foundation formulations. The goal is to achieve a flawless complexion while allowing the skin’s texture and glow to shine through.

    2. Bold and Expressive Eyes

    Eyes have become the focal point of many makeup looks, with trends leaning towards bold and expressive eye makeup. Experimentation with vibrant eyeshadows, graphic liners, and playful shapes has become a common theme. From colorful palettes to sultry smoky eyes, the emphasis is on making a statement with eye makeup, allowing for creativity and individuality.

    3. Lip Color Evolution

    While nude and natural lip shades remain timeless classics, the resurgence of bold and vibrant lip colors cannot be overlooked. Vibrant reds, deep plums, and even unconventional shades like blues and purples have found their place, adding a bold accent to the overall makeup look. Additionally, lip glosses and lip oils have made a comeback, offering a glossy and plump finish to lips.

    4. Sustainable and Clean Beauty

    The beauty industry has witnessed a significant shift towards sustainability and clean beauty. Consumers are increasingly conscious of the ingredients in their makeup products and are opting for brands that prioritize natural, ethically sourced, and cruelty-free formulations. Clean beauty trends focus on products that are beneficial for the skin while being environmentally conscious.

    5. Personalized Makeup Routines

    With the rise of social media and beauty influencers, there’s an increased focus on personalized makeup routines. Individuals are experimenting, blending various trends, and tailoring looks to suit their unique features and preferences. This approach encourages creativity and self-expression, allowing everyone to curate their own signature style.

    Makeup by Stella

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    Yue Qi Makeup Artistry

    Yue Qi (can also be called Luna) originally graduated from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and majoring in Computer Science. She found her passion for beauty and makeup by accident during a summer studies exchange to Korea during her university days.

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