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HSA Cosmetic

Thinking of selling cosmetics or skin care in Singapore? All you need is to visit Singapore Health Science Authority, HSA, to get your answers on all the regulatory requirements right away!

What is a cosmetic product?

A cosmetic product is defined as any substance or preparation that is intended to be placed in contact with the external parts of the human body, such as the skin, hair, nails, lips or mouth (including gums, teeth and tongue), for the purpose of:

  • Cleaning them
  • Perfuming them
  • Changing their appearance
  • Correcting body odours
  • Protecting them
  • Keeping them in good condition

Cosmetic products are not:

  • Injections and eye-drops.
  • Products that are consumed orally, such as tablets, capsules or beverages.
  • Products that are intended for treatment, such as acne treatment creams.

Before selling the cosmetic in Singapore, you need to submit a product notification to HSA

cosmetic product notification usually needs to be submitted before you can sell a cosmetic product in Singapore. This is to facilitate regulatory follow-up should safety concerns arise.

However, a notification does not need to be submitted in the following situations:

  • Your cosmetic product is supplied solely as a sample in connection with any advertising, sponsorship or promotional activity.
  • Your cosmetic product is supplied solely for testing or trial use in connection with any research or development of that product.
  • Your cosmetic product is manufactured by, or in accordance with the specifications of a medical practitioner, and supplied solely by that medical practitioner for the use of patients under his care.

Cosmetic products regulatory requirements

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Alternative, you may visit HSA website or contact HSA via email at HSA_Info@hsa.gov.sg or call their hotline +65 6213 0838.

Source : https://www.hsa.gov.sg/cosmetic-products/overview

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