How to Plan the Ultimate Spa Day for Yourself

How to Plan Spa Day? Sometimes we all need a little TLC, and if that means treating yourself to a relaxing massage or getting that facial treatment you’ve been eyeing for a while, so be it!

You deserve to treat yourself and indulge in a relaxing, comfortable spa day at your favorite salons and wellness spas in Singapore.  In addition to researching the best deals, offers, vouchers and services at these wellness spas, keep the following tips and reminders handy to make the most of your relaxing day:

Be sure to find the right salon

Finding the right salon is always tricky; that’s why you should take time to browse through Vaniday’s directory of the best salons and spas in Singapore and check out ongoing promotions, deals, offers, and discounts that will allow you to make the most of your experience. They’ll rank spas based on location, ratings, and other factors so you can make the best decision for yourself and your plans.

Not checking before choosing a spa can be quite a waste of money and time, costing you unnecessarily. You could end up with poor quality services, paying way more than necessary, and regretting what is meant to be a relaxing, fufiling, and enjoyable experience. Don’t make that mistake!

How to Plan spa day

Arrive early and give yourself some time to settle in

Most well-reputed spas will have a few preliminary steps before you begin treatment. Many of them may ask you for medical history and information, carry out a consultation to find out what you require and need, and to learn more about the treatments you’re getting.

It also helps to be early because many spas are quite packed and have very little wiggle room for clients, so if you’re late even by a few minnutes you might miss out on your scheduled slot. Enjoy the time before you appointments to check out other faiclities and amenities they may have, including pools, saunas, and more.

Pick out multiple treatments to indulge in

The trick to a successful spa day is to truly let go and indulge yourself. When you find wellness spas in Singapore through Vaniday, you can check out multiple packages, deals and offers that allow you to mix and match the services you want.

To have a great spa day, you should treat yourself to multiple services such as a manicure and pedicure, massage, hair treatment, and a facial. A pro-tip, however, is to make sure that you’re not choosing services at random but rather, based on what you truly want and need. A massage is a quintessential treatment, and you can make it better with add-on services like a hair masque or something more rejuvenating. Don’t compromise on treating yourself like the king or queen you are!

A woman applies a charcoal face mask on her client

Clear your schedule and dedicate a few hours

One of the biggest rookie mistakes you can make when planning a spa day is packing too many activities or keeping your schedule busy on the day of. Instead, clear up your schedule and give yourself enough of a window between activities to enjoy to the fullest. On average, a massage can take an hour, while facial treatments can last for even longer. If your spa activities are sandwiched between other commitments, you’ll never fully enjoy yourself.

Instead of putting spa appointments in the middle of a busy day, dedicate a full day or several hours of free time to unwinding as best as possible. When you’re mentally relaxed and not thinking about a dozen other activities, resposibilities, and tasks on your list, you’re going to make the most of your spa experience. Practice mindfulness as part of your overall wellness journey and routine, and clear your mind.

Don’t hesitate to catch a few Zzzs

This may sound silly to some people, but it’s perfeclty normal and natural to nod off during a spa treatment like a massage. The experience is meant to trigger a relaxed state of mind for you, and if that means falling asleep on the massage table, or napping during a foot rub, that’s perfectly okay. Many spas are designed for this purpose and the beds and tables are deliberately comfortanle to maximize how relaxed you are, so don’t worry if you can’t keep your eyes open and need a power nap. That only means its working!

A person receives a manicure during a spa day.

Shut your phone and other distractions off

Speaking of commitments, you should let friends, family, and work know you’re unavailable and will be for a while. You can give them the salon’s number for emergencies, but try silencing or shutting your phone off for fewer distractions and greater ease of mind. You’ll be glad you’re making the most of this time and truly unwinding rather than checking notifications, text messages, and the time.

Make it a deliberate practice to tune out unwanted noise and distractions and allow yourself the space and time to actually let go and unwind. It’s unfair to be paying so much and choosing the best services and facilities, only to be rudely interrupted by family, friends, coworkers or even advertisers. Unless it’s a genuine emergency, their calls and messages can wait.

When you’re planning a spa day, choose only the best wellness spa singapore to ensure that you have the best experience. Vaniday lists some of the top-ranking s beauty salons in Singapore, affordable spas, and some of the hottest deals and promotions to help you save more. For long-term relaxation and self-care, they’ve even got the best beauty products buy online for your needs. Check out their website to know more.

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