How to Make Your Next Wax Last Longer

How to Make Your Next Wax Last Longer |

Few beauty treatments rival the amazing feeling of silky smooth skin after a waxing treatment. Although these appointments are arguably not the most fun thing in the world, the results keep us coming back for more! By following a few simple tips, you can make the most out of your next wax, and maximise that feeling! Now who doesn’t want that?

Take care of your skin

If you want your waxing results to last longer and look better, make exfoliation and moisturising a staple in your daily routine. Dead and dry skin cells can block hair follicles, trapping hair that would normally be removed during waxing. This results in those nasty ingrown hairs that nobody likes! Exfoliation helps prevent this, so you can avoid annoying red bumps and breakouts. You can either exfoliate with a DIY body scrub, or treat yourself to a full body scrub at these luxury spas!

Make a schedule

When you wax consistently, your hair grows back thinner and in regular cycles. Getting into a waxing routine ensures that hair grows evenly and is removed at the same length. This will allow you to enjoy smoother skin for longer and avoid surprise hairs popping up, ruining your fresh wax!

Go to a professional

If you have ever tried waxing at home, you would know how difficult it is! Those waxing strips are something to avoid — not only are they painful, but they leave your skin red and damaged. A professional waxer makes the experience less painful, quicker, and gives better results compared to home waxing. They also have a variety of waxing methods to pick from that you can’t find at the store, such as sugaring, a natural alternative to conventional waxing.

Be patient

It’s hard to resist removing those pesky hairs the moment you see them, but it pays off to wait. Re-wax only when your hair is between 0.5-1.5 cm long. If hair is waxed too short, it will break off and you’ll experience regrowth weeks earlier. Avoid shaving between waxing. Razors irritate the skin and cause hair to grow back in random directions, making it harder to properly wax them later on. If you absolutely hate the sight of hair, you may want to consider permanent laser hair removal such as IPL and SHR.

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