How to Effectively Reduce Hair Loss

hair loss

Hair loss can be caused by a number of factors. While hereditary hair loss and alopecia require a touch more care and a specialist to help, hair loss caused by environmental factors can be mitigated and managed. Here are some lifestyle changes that can help effectively reduce hair loss.

Eat more protein and omega-3s

Very often, hair loss can be attributed to a protein deficiency. There’s insufficient protein to support hair function, growth, and renewal in the body, leading to hair loss. Having a diet rich in protein sources such as chicken, salmon, eggs, beans, and the like may help with this. Fatty acids like omega-3s are also important for your overall hair and scalp health, so make sure you add those to your diet as well!

Get in your vitamins

Studies have shown that vitamin A and B are essential vitamins in hair growth, prolonging the growth phase and encouraging renewal. Foods that are great natural sources of these vitamins include yellow, red and green (leafy) vegetables, such as spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes and capsicum. Vitamin B is found in most protein sources, which as stated above, should be a staple in your diet as well!

Exercise regularly

Healthy body = healthy hair! Exercise is not only a great way to reduce stress and increase those feel good endorphins, but also keeps you looking good. Need help creating a workout plan? We’ve got you.

Reduce stress

Hair fall and loss can be caused in cases of high tension and stress. Effectively managing your stress can help counteract this. Some strategies include yoga, meditation, or even booking in for a massage at one of our many salons on Vaniday!

Invest in good hair care

Good hair and scalp care products can help buff against hair loss and strengthen your hair. Goldwell products combine revolutionary ingredients and years of experience into haircare, with the Kerasilk range focusing especially on restorative care and scalp health. Want to give it a try? Receive a complimentary Goldwell product for any Goldwell service booked through Vaniday.

About Goldwell

Goldwell is a salon-exclusive brand from Kao’s salon division and an industry-leading partner for stylists for over 70 years. The high-performing care and styling sub-brand of Goldwell, Kerasilk’s exclusive technologies blends with quality ingredients to actively interact with the hair’s structure. Salon exclusive home care products complement the customizable salon services for long-lasting, transformative results. The latest haircare range expansion, Kerasilk Revitalize, focuses on rejuvenating scalp-care routine inspired by skincare – as an anti-aging facial for your scalp. Dualsenses is another high-performance sub-brand of Goldwell, with built-in color protection, up-to-date fragrances and shampoos as gentle as pure water. Cutting-edge technology distributes essential care ingredients quickly.

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