How Oxygen Facials Breath New Life Into Your Skin

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Ever heard of oxygen facials? It seems a little funny to have oxygen sprayed onto your face, but there’s a lot more to it that just that. In fact, they are a great accessory for an occasional skin pick-me-up.

What are oxygen facials?

Oxygen facials are a commonly available facial in salons and aesthetic clinics in Singapore. This non-surgical procedure involves oxygen being administered to the uppermost layer of your skin, the epidermis, to give your skin a glow.

How does it work?

Oxygen is administered through a jet-spraying process, which explains why this is also known commonly as an oxyjet facial. The oxygen is enriched with vitamins and minerals, leaving your skin looking instantly plumper and fresh. With no downtime involved, oxygen facials are perfect just before a big event where you want to be looking your best!

What are the benefits?

Oxygen facials were designed to hydrate your skin and stimulate collagen production. They are also said to diminish signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines. Not only that, but they help clear toxins and dirt from your pores as well.

Where can I get oxygen facials in Singapore?

Kelyn Esther

Kelyn Esther Singapore | Vaniday

Established in 2010, Kelyn Esther a botanical and organic skin care brand with their own beauty and nail salon. Tucked away in Bugis, there’s no hard selling here! They promise to be flexible, friendly and fair. Treatments are personalised, with choice of essential oils, botanical skincare and treatment machines. All therapists are UK ITEC & Swiss CIDESCO trained, and have more than 10 years of experience.

Go for their Personalized Intensive Ampoule Oxygen Jet Facial ($99, U.P. $169) during their off-peak hours for a great discount.

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The Skin Clinique

The Skin Clinique - Bedok | Vaniday

Located in Bedok, The Skin Clinique is here to solve all your skin issues. Its founder, W.T. Chua, has over 20 years of experience in the industry, believing in the usage of products that do not contain harmful chemicals, artificial fragrances, and preservatives. Enhanced by the skilled hands of the therapists, you’ll leave with your skin glowing.

Try the Oxyjet Facial ($128, U.P. $258), available at a promotional price for a limited time!

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Kuko Beauty

Kuko Beauty - Orchard | Vaniday

Kuko Beauty’s motto is Health is True Beauty — they emphasise on prioritising the importance of health over the pursuit of beauty itself. Through the efficacy of their services and products, they strive to honour this commitment and help you discover natural beauty from within.

The Oxyjet Elixir Facial Treatment ($89, U.P. $258) will leave you glowing both inside and out, without the hefty price tag!

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