How Over-Conditioning Affects Our Hair

How Over-Conditioning Affects Our Hair |

Struggling with limp and lifeless hair? It might be over-conditioning. If you didn’t know that over-conditioning is a thing, we can’t blame you. Yes, too much of a good thing does exist! Here’s the lowdown on over-conditioning and all you need to know to avoid it.

What does a hair conditioner do?

Hair conditioner is important part of a regular hair care routine. It adds moisture back into hair after shampooing, thereby reducing friction between individual strands. As a result, it makes hair more manageable — hair is more easily detangled and smoother. You would easily notice the difference when brushing your hair on the days you choose to skip the conditioner!

How does over-conditioning happen?

Over-conditioning can occur in various ways. These include:

  • Leaving your conditioner in for too long
  • Using too much product
  • Conditioning too often
  • Using the wrong type of conditioner for your hair type
  • Layering other hair treatment products on top of conditioner

Doing one or more of these result in an excessive build up of moisture. This forms a layer over each strand of hair, preventing other products from seeping through.

How do I know I am over-conditioning my hair?

Over-conditioned hair will be limp and difficult to style. The excess moisture results in your hair becoming very soft, losing its natural volume in the process. Therefore, it will not be able to hold up when styling, and other hair products will not be able to ‘stick’ to it.

The combined effect of the excess moisture and the natural oils from the roots of your hair will also make hair feel greasy, especially at the roots. To avoid this, make sure you avoid conditioning the roots and only apply product from the middle of your hair down.

How can I avoid over-conditioned hair?

It is important to identify the reason behind your over-conditioning before you can attempt to fix it. Use your conditioner only after you shampoo, and don’t leave it in for too long. Make sure to choose a conditioner best suited to your hair type — if your hair is already greasy, get a lighter conditioner! If your hair is on the drier side, opt for a moisturising hair treatment once a week, like Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack — skip the conditioner on those days, though!

Over-conditioning isn’t the end of the road for your hair. All you need is to rectify the problem and your hair will be back to its former glory!

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