Homely Nail Salon in the Heart of CBD (Julia Visits)

Hi Vaniday Readers!

I’m back again this time round with another quaint little beauty discovery right in the heart of the CBD district (it really couldn’t be more convenient for anyone working around the area) – Nail Symphony! As you can probably guess from the name, I’m introducing a nail salon to you guys today.

Before The Visit

I’ve always felt that having a pair of well-manicured hands makes me feel a lot more put together, and definitely adds a little spark to any outfit, be it casual summery days or glamourous nights out. I first did a little research on the designs I was looking at (I’d advise everyone to do the same). I knew I wanted something understated and elegant, such that it would be suitable for work but at the same time, accented with interesting enough details.

A Warm Welcome

When I arrived at Nail Symphony, the salon owner Shirley greeted me with the warmest of smiles and introduced me to Tracy, my manicurist for the day. They patiently listened while I walked them through the many inspiration pictures I had saved on my phone and we decided on a final design done on gelish, which will be unveiled in a bit

Nail Art Process

I also had a nail that needed an extension since it had chipped off a few days ago, no thanks to my carelessness but Tracy assured me that it could be easily fixed with a hard gel extension (there’s also an acrylic option if you prefer that but hard gels are apparently the healthier alternatives for our nail beds!)

The team really provided me with impeccable service that day, allowing me to try on a couple of different colors first before committing to the final ones just so I could be sure that I liked how the tones looked on my nails. They were so kind too, to suggest colors that they felt would suit my tanner skin best, as well as design tweaks that would make the final look versatile enough to bring me through almost every occasion.

Final Nail Art Design

Here’s the final product after around an hour – Tracy gave me really delicate lines when it came to the nail art and cleverly used a mix of both silver and gold for the accents, which gave the entire set a whole lot more dimension than the mono-colour design I had first proposed. Always leave it to the experts, I guess 

Till our next beauty discovery 

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