4 Reasons Why HIIT Boxing Should Be Your Next Workout

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There are many benefits to incorporating a little HIIT into your workouts. It is great at burning calories and maintaining a desirable figure. However, HIIT can be boring and challenging, especially when doing it on your own. Enter HIIT boxing, a dynamic workout filled with great music, flashing lights and a whole lot of fun.

Singapore has no shortage of HIIT boxing studios. Choose from the likes of STILL Boxing, located in OUE Downtown, or the incredibly-friendly Box Office Fitness. The workout often combines the best of cardio and strength training, so you’ll be getting in a full body workout.

Boxing kills the calories

Boxing burns up to 800 calories an hour. Combine that with some HIIT and you’ve got a killer workout. Boxing also improves your resting heart rate and muscular endurance, which will definitely give a boost to your other workouts as well!

Boxing hits every muscle, and then some

In addition to getting in a full body workout, boxing also trains many other areas that are key to your movements in everyday life. Not only does boxing boost your strength and cardio, it also improves a number of skill-related parameters of fitness, such as balance, coordination, reactivity, and agility.

Boxing improves your coordination

Struggling with hand-eye coordination? Boxing will help with that. It challenges both your muscles and your mind!

Boxing is a real stress-reliever

Boxing is a proven and effective way to relieve built-up stress. For one, hitting something is known to help release muscle tension that is accumulated when we are stressed. You also have to be fully present — that means turning off the outside world and focusing on yourself in the moment. Like all other forms of exercise, sweating it out on the bags releases feel-good endorphins that are bound to get you smiling by the end of the session.

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