A Definitive Guide to Dyeing Your Hair Blonde

As you have probably noticed, everyone seems to be going blonde at the minute. Blonde hair ruled the catwalks during the fashion weeks of Paris, London, New York and Milan at the beginning of the year and that was just the tip of the iceberg…

But with all of this blonde hype going on at the minute, it makes you wonder – should i go blonde too? We think YES, why not?! The only thing that is probably holding you back is being a little cautious about protecting the quality of your hair, guarding its integrity and keep it looking healthy. But this isn’t actually all that hard! It is possible to experiment with lighter shades of blonde and keep its looking healthy and happy!

You’ll find that most professional colourists won’t recommend that you try and bleach your own hair at home, and with good reason too — it’s just way too risky! It’s always better to leave it to somebody who knows exactly what they’re doing rather than trying to guess your way through by yourself! That said, everyone should trying going blonde at least once in their life and there’s no time like the present!

First of all, don’t think that you’re going to be able to make the journey from dark-as-the-night-sky black to pure brilliant white in one swift movement. You need to see it as more of a process, a journey of trips to the salons mixed in with some self-maintenance that you can do yourself.

A few tips to help guide the way

  • It’s all a little different if you’ve never dyed your hair before – it’s going to require less treatment. Your ‘virgin hair’ can be treated a lot differently to hair that’s more experienced in the world of dye! For one its a lot easier to lift natural colour so make sure to tell your stylist!
  • Make sure that you are as specific as possible about the desired colour. Blonde is sort of an umbrella terms that covers an infinite amount of shades that all fit in this one category, try and narrow it down as much as possible so you won’t be left disappointment.
  • Again, to make sure you get the colour you want – you could even show your colourist examples. Just make sure that you stay realistic and only choose colours that will suit you. Look at the eyes and skin tone of the people in the photos – how close are their features to your own?
  • Do a little studying. There are so many little tips and tricks to help you keep that lovely blonde shade, so make sure to pick your colourists brain! For starters, don’t shampoo every day, let go on metal brushes, stay away from heat tools, keep it covered in the sun and treat your hair to a little treatment every now and again! You thought it would be easy, right?

Okay so now that you have the basics down, let’s dig a little deeper. As we have mentioned before, your current colour will dictate not only the colour that you can achieve, but also the steps you will need to take to get there. Here’s a few tips that might help you out:

If your hair is auburn or dark red

It will probably take around three appointments to achieve a blonde tone whilst keeping your hair in a healthy condition. That said however, most people with naturally red or auburn hair look good with warmer tones in their hair so ask for a golden or copper blonde to keep it in step with your skin tone. It might be a good idea to have your colourist lighten up your hair a little with foiling or painting and then layer some darker and warmer highlights over that.

If you are a true redhead

It depends on the exact shade of blonde that you are looking for, but it could be possible that you don’t need to spend any time lifting your base colour at all and can just do highlights. This could take one, maybe two appointments.When you are describing the colour you want to your colourist in the salon make sure to use buzzwords like ‘honey’ and ‘butter’. Keep it looking fresh with a bi-weekly colour treatment.

If you’re light brown

You are probably also looking at around three appointments. It would be a good idea to start by lightening the overall base, since a lot of brunette shades can be a little flat. You can boost the base a half-level or full-level, depending on how far you want to go, before adding to it your full head of highlights, and finish with a gloss. But remember, blonde is obviously going to be a big change for you – so take it slow! After all, slow and steady wins the race right? Good words for you to use in the salon are ‘sandy’ and ‘beige’ – just to make sure you aim within the range of what your hair can do!

If you’re dark brown or black

Whilst we truly believe that everyone should try going blonde at least once in their life, there’s no point ignoring that it might just not look natural on some people. Those who naturally have dark hair, even black hair, are unlikely to look natural making the transition all the way to blonde. Dark skinned and dark eyed girls might be a little safer sticking to darker shades of blonde like honey and add brighter tips at the end to add a burst of colour. On top of this, it is probably going to take around 4 appointments just to make sure you don’t damage the hair!

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