Hair Colors We’re Falling in Love with for Summer and Spring 2023


Spring is the season for change and transformation, and it’s the perfect time to change up your look; there’s nothing better than getting your hair done. It’s the perfect time to try out some of the hottest hair colors that will be popular all through spring 2023.

That’s why we’re bringing you some of our favorite new hair color trends to help you decide what look to get this season:

Luscious deep brunette hair

Brunette hair is one of the sexiest hair colors and makes your hair look incredibly healthy, shiny, and glossy, and it’s the perfect choice for when you want a low-maintenance color. You can choose from different hues and shades of brown, from chocolate to lighter, more sunkissed, and even darker browns. It’s the perfect color for all lengths and textures, so you can easily make it work in different varieties.

Play with multi-tonal brunette hair with slight highlights or lowlights that add dimension to the otherwise thick, dark, and luscious color, or let your hairstylist decide what color works best for your skin tone, and hair texture and length, and other factors.

Hair Colors

Lavender love for the hair

Lavender hair looks gorgeous on everyone, and it’s fun enough to make a statement but not so bold that it’s distracting or overwhelming. In fact, lavender hair is a great way to step into the world of fun-colored hair, while still choosing a shade that is age-appropriate, safe for work, and relatively easy to maintain. A few washes of lavender shampoo and the occasional touch-up are all that you need to keep it looking fresh and divine. Don’t rush to get your hair bleached and stripped of color just yet, though. Always check reviews and deals before you choose a hair salon in Singapore because changing the color to lavender can be tricky and requires a lot of experience and skill to get right. Amateur stylists will fry and damage your hair beyond belief, and that’s the last thing you want for yourself. Bleach damage is brutal, ladies!

Sexy bronde blends and hues

Speaking of shades and hues, a gorgeous bronde blend is another great look that you can choose. It’s a great blend that ties together shades of brown and tones them down with hints of blonde. It’s like a cappuccino with just the right amount of coffee and milk to give it that delicious, light brown tinge while still keeping it rich.

Light, flirty, and incredibly fun, it’s a great look to get your hair looking wonderful without doing much. Wear it up, wear it down, curly or straight, bronde is the perfect color for you if you’re someone who enjoys a natural-looking, low-maintenance color that never gets old. It’s also very easy to style and maintain, so that’s always a plus.

Hair Colors

Subtle silver and cooler blonde

Moving to the other end of the color spectrum, you have some incredible options when it comes to silvers and cool blondes. Silvery blondes are very sexy and incredibly chic, and you can bring your own preference to it too. It can be warmer or cooler, have silvery hints, or lean into lavender, which as we mentioned above, is trending this year too! The options are endless.  

However, please be sure to research the salon you want more closely and avoid trusting anyone with your hair. Lightening and lifting the hair color to get to silver or blonde is difficult and requies multiple rounds of bleaching in order to successfully get the color you desire.

Bright monotone hair is hot

Bright colors are always fun and have been trending for a while. But beyond peep-throughs, tendrils, ombre, and dip-dyes, 2023 is all about a full head of color, and you’re going to enjoy experimenting with this look. Pinks, blues, bright reds, oranges are some of the hottest colors that you’ll see all around, and it’s a great look because it allows you to express yourself to the fullest.

A pro-tip that you should remember, however, is that when getting your hair dyed a new color, request a strand test, take lots of reference photos and images to show your stylist, and don’t be afraid to vocalize if something isn’t quite right.

Strawbery hued hair

Dreamy strawberry colored hair will also be trending this spring and summer, all through autumn and winter. You can go the strawberry blonde route, or opt for rich, red hues, or even lean into the more coppery end of the spectrum. It’s a fresh color that adds a ton of richness and will have anyone looking younger, more vibrant, and very flirty. Plus it’s not too harsh on the hair and depending on the shade you get, it’s actually quite easy to maintain!

The back of a woman’s head, showing off blonde ends and shadow roots.

Shadow roots with lighter ends

Do you hate going in for retouching your hair and getting your roots done every few weeks? Shadows roots is a trend you need to try. It involves leaving hair darker on top and lighter at the bottom, blending it seamlessly to look like a natrual gradation. It’s also great for when you’re low maintenance and want a fun look that grows out well.

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