Grunge or Glitz: 7 Nail Trends to Try in 2023

Fall is upon us, and winter is slowly coming, so it’s time to shift from those summery nail shades to deeper and moodier tones that are perfect for the upcoming nail trends season.

You can expect vibrant nail trends to slowly phase out, and darker shades and grays to take the spotlight. Even though classics such as sheer tones, French tips, and dark reds will always look chic—this fall we expect some new trends to gain attention.

It’s all about grunge or glitz this fall! So, if you’re confused about what color to choose at your next appointment at a nail salon in Singapore, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the best nail trends in 2023 that will steal the spotlight this fall.

Fall 2023 Nail Trend #1 – Foil Finishes

If you want to take your nail game to a different level, check out foil finishes. A hint of metallic is just about right for those who don’t want to go overboard with their nails but still want to look trendy. Foil finishes can be a great way to add glitz and glamour to your regular manicure. Foils can be easily added to any neutral fall shade.

Fall 2023 Nail Trend #2 – Emo French Nail Trends

If you want to create a buzz with your staple French nails, try a black tip instead of the traditional white. Trust us, and it will turn heads – in a good way! Your French manicure will instantly look more fit for the fall.  

a person is holding a candle.

Fall 2023 Nail Trend #3 – Grunge Tones Nail Trends

We’ve been seeing the ’90s make a comeback in beauty and fashion for a while, so it makes sense why grungy nail tones will become a hot trend in fall 2023. Try out gorgeous brown, neutrals, and taupe tones. A combination of all three can also create a beautiful look.

Fall 2023 Nail Trend #4 – Trippy Thermal Nails

We can attribute this trend to the ever-popular Megan Thee Stallion. She brought this nail trend to the scene last year, but they’re catching the eye of nail lovers this fall. The trend is inspired by the primary red, yellow, and blue thermal imaging colors. This trend continues to evolve, and you can include colors better suited to the fall season, such as black, gray, or dark green.

Fall 2023 Nail Trend #5 – Grays Nail Trends

Shades of gray will continue to dominate in fall 2023. They’re better suited to the season than pale blushes and whites that are popular in summer. Grays continue to hit the sweet spot because they work well with sweaters and other warm clothes.

You can also play around with different finishes like mattes and shimmers for an additional customized touch.

Fall 2023 Nail Trend #6 – Flowers

Who said flowers only look good during spring or summer? You can put a dark twist on flower nail art design to create an amazing gothic look. Use delicate black and red colors to create unique patterns that look chic and punk.

Fall 2023 Nail Trend #7 – Half-Moon Manis

Half-moon manicures are going to light up in fall 2023. They resemble a simple, sleek, and chic design that look good with any outfit. They’re long-lasting because the nail’s bottom is not covered with art or polish, allowing it to grow out without hassle. You won’t need significant touchups to maintain your nails.

The nail trends mentioned above will continue to dominate in fall 2023. However, you do need to visit a professional nail salon in Singapore to get these nails. If you’re looking for a premium nail salon, we can help you!

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